“It’s like someone flicked a switch and made me motivated”

It’s Friday already which means that P1 has completed her first week back to school and we’ve completed our first week back in a slight routine. This week has really been different. It’s like someone flicked a switch and made me motivated to move instead of lazing on the sofa.

I’m still struggling to get up early, physically getting up in the mornings is the hardest. P3 seems to have settled herself into a routine of waking at 4:30 every morning then being very unsettled until around 6:30 and then falling back to sleep. I’m faced with two options – get up and have a leisurely morning or go backn to sleep for an hour. Of course I always choose more sleep, I’ll take any amount of extra minutes!!

This leaves me with the exact amount of time to get washed, dressed and the kids up fed and dressed. That’s when it all begins. The motivation. I do the washing up from the night before whilst the girls eat their breakfast. Then the school run happens. Then I begin my task of the day.

This week I’ve set myself one task for each day. Tuesday it was to hoover downstairs and clean the work tops. Wednesday was the ginormous clean clothes pile that needed folding and putting away. This of course didn’t get completed so on Thursday my task was to complete the remaining clean clothes. Today’s task is to iron all of hubby’s t-shirts as they’ve been scrunched in a pile for about a week and I want to try to tidy and sort the girls bedroom toys. Saturday’s task is to clean the bathroom. That’s about as far as I’ve planned so far.


I’ve also been playing with the girls more than I normally do. I’m a strong believer that children need to learn to play alone and not rely on an adults help to be entertained 24/7. But this week I’ve taken the time to be involved with P2s play. We’ve made puzzles and played with her doll, she’s helped me with cooking and making P3s bottles. I’ve got her involved in my tasks for each day.

P3 has grown so much this week too. She’s able to spin herself round on the play mat and she’s completely obsessed with chewing her hands. P3 is falling into a routine during the day with her awake time lasting about an hour or two, then she’ll sleep for roughly the same amount of time although usually shorter. The times she’s awake she’s such a joy, chatting and watching her world.

I hope I can continue this sudden swing of energy. I wonder if it’s linked to the new diet.

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