It’s Strawberry Picking Season Again

The first time I went strawberry picking was last year and once we’d been, we were there nearly every week during strawberry season. We went to Open Farm Sunday and I’ve sort of got a bug for the whole country living, farming thing. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been binge watching Heartland which is all about the country way of life, kind of. 

I was going to write a whole post about our impromptu strawberry picking season after horse riding last week, but quite frankly I’m having a bit of a mental block for words. I didn’t want my photos to get lost because I love them. I just love how the girls enjoy being out in the open air and learning through fun. So here’s the photos from our strawberry picking adventure, the first one of the season. 

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  1. Gorgeous pics – and I agree, definitely worth posting and sharing 🙂

  2. Looks like great fun, I’ve never been strawberry picking even though there’s a few PYO farms near us. Must add this to our summer list!

  3. love this time of year for the yummy berries. We grow our own strawberries though and they’re taking over at the moment, we have so many!

  4. These are such gorgeous photos! I can’t wait to take the kids strawberry picking soon!

  5. Ahh! I haven’t been strawberry picking for years….The nearest place to us is miles away and neither my fella or I drive. I would love to take my girls one day.
    Gorgeous photos. It looks like you had a fab time x

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