“I’ve been fed up of looking at clutter constantly so we decided to bring the girls new storage unit downstairs”

I seem to be leaving it many days before posting. It feels like ages ago that I posted every day sometimes twice a day! I’m going through a rough patch but have started to make some small changes to help.

I’ve started organising my blog behind the scenes. All the reviews I need to write up and post, the events and topics that I want to write about have all been jotted down in my Filofax just waiting to go through eventually.

P1 and P2 are growing so much each day. Their bonds are stronger than ever. Just today, P1 came home from school and shared the biscuits out and P2 keeps going up to her big sister and kissing her, sitting in her lap and being completely loving towards each other.20140317-035833 pm.jpgThe positive change in weather has certainly lifted our moods as a family and we’ve been going over the road to play on the green a few times. P1 took her drawing materials out with us yesterday after dinner and she drew the flowers that she saw.

We also started spring cleaning yesterday. I’ve been fed up of looking at clutter constantly so we decided to bring the girls new storage unit downstairs. Now this was a funny task! The thing wouldn’t fit down the stairs properly so hubby came up with the idea to dangle it out of the window!!! There was me hanging on for dear life as I struggled to lower the unit out of the window and down onto my hubby. I can only imagine the thoughts of passers by.20140317-040349 pm.jpgNo hubby’s or units were damaged and I’m very pleased that P2 has a place for all of her toys where they can look tidy and be tidied away at the end of the day.

I’ve just got to tackle upstairs now!

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