“I’ve been my daughters comfort when she’s feeling her worst”

I told myself last night that I had certain jobs to do today. Our easter holiday break begins this Thursday and quite frankly our house is a pig sty! Everyone, except me typically, have come down with colds and I’ve slowly watched the mess creep on top of me. I’ve put caring for the kids and hubby above the cleaning, evening my blog work has come before cleaning. The only thing I’ve managed is the washing up because I need to make bottles each morning.

So today was the day I’d planned to fold all the clean washing, mop the floor, do the washing up, sort and tidy the girls room and generally tidy up. Then tomorrow I wanted to clean the bathroom and kitchen properly. I need the house tidy, not just in case we get visitors and it’s not exactly unclean, I need it tidy for our own sanity. To give the girls space to play freely during the two weeks we have off together.

But my plans were swept under the carpet as we woke from an unsettled night with P3 to her having a high temperature of 38.5C. She’s usually at her best in the mornings and I get loads done but today was not that day, I managed to do the washing up with her crying just as I finished. It was going to be a long day.

Thankfully, with P1 at school and P2 surprisingly behaving amazingly, today wasn’t so hard. I was bound to the sofa with a groggy, emotional and hot baby. I will admit that I felt frustrated at not being able to put her down without her crying, even going to the loo she was screaming. I couldn’t put her in the sling as I didn’t want her overheating anymore than she already was. So I administered calpol and kept her close.

I’m laying in bed, the sound of Ewan the Dream Sheep and hubby on YouTube (or twitch?) thinking about my day. Thinking of all the things that are still stacked up and waiting to be completed. Blog posts that need writing and tidy that needs doing. I have achieved today though, I’ve been my daughters comfort when she’s feeling her worst. I’ve been the familiar face that she’s needed and the warm touch to keep her calm. She’s rested and slept on me when she’s wanted to. I’ve given her the medicine she needs to feel better and fed her her milk. I’ll be the one who rocks her in the night.

Everything else can wait. My baby needs me.


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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    Bless her – I hope she feels better soon.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Sorry to hear about all the illness! It is frustrating when you can’t get things done, but everything else will wait…x

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