“I’ve entered that world now”

20140401-053054 pm.jpgSo I’ve entered that world now… The world of questions and people you don’t normally speak to expecting answers and you have to answer otherwise it’s rude! Yeah… That world.

It’s been just one day, actually less than that, since I announced to the world that we are having baby number three! It’s a little daunting when people say “you’re brave” and rather annoying when you get asked… “Was it planned” which I’ve had from more than one person.

I guess a 20 month age gap between your youngest is quite small really but what does it matter if any baby was planned or an accident?! All that ultimately matters is that we’ve not had an abortion… Clearly. I’ve even been asked if it was an April fools joke today even though I announced the baby yesterday and completely forgot about April fools anyway.

I love being able to talk freely about my life now. About my pregnancy, about the way I feel and the worries I have. It’s great. I’m starting to feel a little more sane now! So to everyone who does want to talk about it, I really don’t mind, I just don’t like the obvious or the judging questions. Oh and I’d really appreciate some tips/advice on going from two to three because I’m bloody terrified!!!!!!!!

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