I’ve Never Been An Adult Without Children

My husband and I are really lucky to be able to enjoy one weekend a month where we can be child free for a night. For a little while before my Mum’s health deteriorated we even had two nights of freedom. When my Mum and Step-Dad had their kidney transplant operations the weekend’s stopped because they were recovering. They also have lower immune systems because of all the medications they are on.

It honestly felt like I was going slightly insane. I love my girls but there’s three of them and they are bloody hard work. We had one evening I think child free in the 53 days between the sleepovers and that was for a blog event. They had seen her in that time but I was present to help with carrying or if my Mum got tired.

Saying goodbye felt weird the first time they went back to weekend sleepovers. They were heading off for three whole nights, three and a half days, with my Mum. Part of me felt like celebrating and the other part was full of overwhelming guilt. I knew I’d miss them but I definitely needed the break. P3 had been harder than hard work and I think she needed the break as much as I did. A change of scenery. A change of who’s in charge.

After they were collected, I turned to my Hubby and said “Now what?”. Everything was tidy, everything was quiet and it was unnerving. He suggested that we should jump on a plane and go away for the weekend. I stupidly got excited about the prospect of spontaneity for him to say he was joking. However, we did head to Chislehurst Caves and then to the Toby Carvery for some food.

As the hours went by I found it a struggle to relax. It felt like I should be doing something, going somewhere instead of sitting about doing nothing. There wasn’t anyone demanding food or iPad time. I even took to Facebook to ask what normal adults that don’t have children, do with their time. It dawned on me that I have never actually been an adult with no children. I went from being a fifteen year old school girl, to a sixteen year old mother.

I always get like this when we are child free. I get agitated and anxious and fidget like crazy. I feel lazy and bored. Yet I know this is good for my sanity and it’s also great that the girls get to spend some proper time with their Grandparents too. I need to plan our weekends child free a little better and make sure that my mind is kept busy in a chilled relaxing way. If that is even possible. On the upside, I’ve managed to get so many blog posts written!

What do you do during your child free moments?

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  1. Sleep! Haha Me and the hubby usually go for dinner and to see a film when we have a “night off” 🙂

  2. We don’t have family closely so child-free time is few and far between. But I do feel anxious when I’m not with them, as much as I try no to!

  3. We very rarely get child free time with our family living away but when we do we usually go for a meal or the cinema. We also end up talking about the kids and nothing else lol x

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