“I’ve never had a member of the family that has Alzheimer’s”

Something in the news has really touched me. A man seeking love after his wife is stricken with Alzheimer’s. I’m trying my hardest to understand his point of view but I’m struggling. I’ll put it bluntly. I think he’s selfish.

I’ve never had a member of the family that has Alzheimer’s, so really I can’t comment, but my Grandad stood by my Nan for years! Watching her health deteriorate. Not once did he contemplate leaving her or looking for a new love.

These two points are the ones that have upset me:
– After 30 years of marriage, Keith feels he must move on, before she dies
– “There’s simply no point in two lives being wasted” he says.
Thirty years ago I’m sure that wedding vows were the same, till death do us part, his marriage clearly doesn’t mean very much to him if he feels his life is being wasted, all because his wife no longer remembers him or their family.

I’d like to think that our marriage means more to my hubby. I’d like to believe that if any serious illness happened to me or any life changing health problems that totally turned our lives upside down, well I want to believe that my hubby would stand by it, stand by me and remind me of our memories. I’d like to think he wouldn’t class standing by the love of his life as his life being wasted.

It frustrates me. Maybe put in that situation my hubby would side with Keith and feel the need to move on. I suppose in a way I wouldn’t blame him, but why should he blame me?! I wouldn’t have chosen to get ill… I hate the idea of being alone. Especially at a time when I’d need the support of my family.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this?!

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