Johnson’s Baby – So Much More Campaign

I was invited along to the Johnson’s Baby So Much More Campaign launch. Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to feeling completely washed out from a double migraine and with P3 not very well too.

I was quite desperate to go. Literally everyone I speak to says that bathtime is their favourite time of the day for many reasons, but for me it’s the very worst part of my day/week. I say week because our bath times are so horrific that the kids are lucky to get bathed twice a week let alone daily!! Do I feel guilty about that? Of course I do. I’d love to fill the paddling pool (yup we don’t actually have a bath bath) every evening and watch the kids splash about in the warm bubbly water. Put their freshly bathed bodies into pjs and snuggle in bed with a story and milk.

Our bath times have always made me want to hide away and cry. Bathing three children in one night using a shower that takes an age to fill a paddling pool is just too stressful. I’m completely outnumbered.

P1 is ok, although hasn’t always been, but P2 has made it sound like we’re drowning her for two years and P3 is following in her footsteps. It’s only been recently, as in the last week or so, that P2 has enjoyed bath times and will even join us in the shower.

Despite not attending the event held by Johnson’s, I wanted to share some of the information that was collected through a survey they conducted. (click to enlarge)


I’ve been using Johnson’s for a long time. Since P1 was a baby. I especially use their baby oil as it’s completely awesome! Leaves my skin, yes I said my, feeling so soft for such a long time. My MiL even uses it on her skin too.


What do you think of the info graphic? What relates to you?

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  1. I love Johnson’s – they help with all kinds of things. I used it on my ear piercings when I was a teenager and they got a little crusty.

    Lizzie Dripping

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