Joovy Purpleness Caboose Pushchair Review

As you all know, because I’ve been banging on about it catching up on reviews, I went to The Baby Show last month. When I was trying to find the Fisher-Price stand I stopped to ask a friendly face at the Joovy stand. Pam clearly could see my sweaty, struggling face as I pushed the borrowed double buggy so started her sales pitch of Joovy pushchairs.

Normally, I hate sales people, but I’m so glad she did start telling me about the Joovy Purpleness Caboose. It was quite an exciting, practical pushchair and it was even more exciting when Pam realised that I was a blogger (thanks to my t-shirt) and offered me the chance to review the Purpleness Caboose! I rang my hubby uber thrilled and had to carry the thing on my buggy on the train journey home.
20131115-021920 pm.jpgIt was an exciting moment to put up Purpleness. The instructions were easy to follow and I didn’t need any help – a one woman job.
20131115-022208 pm.jpgThe Purpleness caboose features two seats and a buggy board all in one. It was designed by a Grandad believe it or not. Both seats have straps to keep children secure. The youngest sits in the front seat and eldest at the back.
20131115-022340 pm.jpg

20131115-022352 pm.jpgThe back seat slides to reveal a rather large and handy storage area, this is something all my prams/buggies have not had and something I’m really finding useful!
20131115-022526 pm.jpgThe caboose features wheels that can lock into position or swivel. Personally, I hate non-swivelling wheels so I’m really pleased I have the option to have them like that.
20131115-033651 pm.jpgSomething that is also really hand is the fact the Caboose has a carseat attachment. This means that the pushchair is suitable from birth. P1 loves the new pushchair. She’s always asking me if we can take it on the school run. P1 is at an age where she shouldn’t really be in a pushchair anymore but with her hypermobility she actually needs to be pushed up to school.
20131115-041838 pm.jpgIt gives her flexibility to sit or stand depending on her mood, it’s given us new opportunities and ease of getting to and from school with near to no tantrums!

I have struggled with getting up and down curbs when having them both in the pushchair at once. I think the wheels need to be slightly bigger due to the weight of the pushchair when fully loaded. I also struggle with the handle. It’s very upright and is not adjustable. I’m 4ft 8in tall and have always found it difficult to find a pram that doesn’t look stupid if I push it. The caboose would definitely work better for me if it had adjustable handles, up or down or even slanting slightly would be perfect.

Overall though, I love this pushchair. It’s not the prettiest but it really does solve a lot of problems. I even sent a couple I started speaking to in the changing rooms at The Baby Show over to Joovy before I’d reviewed the pushchair because I truly believe in the idea and design. It’s amazing! Hats off to the Grandad that thought of this.

Joovy also do three and even four seater pushchairs. You can buy the Purpleness Caboose for £224 here in the UK or for my US readers you can get it here for $149.99
20131115-043001 pm.jpg

20131115-043343 pm.jpg

20131115-043356 pm.jpg(This product was given to me at The Baby Show free of charge by Joovy for the purpose of this review. How wee, all opinions are of my own)

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Excellent invention for siblings or "Nanny" to use. Difficult to man-oeuvre if you are smaller than average, however, excellently designed and sturdy.

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