Journey To Fit with the Fitbit Flex

My fitness goal has really changed since I started my Healthy Habit with Juice Plus. When I first began I weighed 46.2kg and initially my journey was solely to lose some weight. Technically, my BMI was in the healthy range for my height so I didn’t really know how much I wanted to lose. I still don’t. In just over 5 months I’ve lost 3kg. I now weigh 43.3kg or there abouts.


I’m still in the healthy weight range and to be honest 3kg isn’t very much. I took a slow approach to things and I didn’t follow the recommend food plan for Juice Plus. That’s why my progress has been slow and not a huge change. I wasn’t overly sure I’d actually see any change in my body by losing weight but I have.

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This picture was taken yesterday. It marks the beginning of the new journey I need to take. Although I still have weight to lose, I think I want to be closer to 40kg, my main goal now is to get healthy from the inside and tone up on the outside. I’ve realised that losing weight and being healthy isn’t just about the appearance side of things. Being healthy changes so much and energy would be a nice thing to have.

fitbit flex

I’ve been given a Fitbit Flex to review and help me on my journey. It arrived on Saturday and already I have felt the impact of having it in my life. The Fitbit Flex is a step & sleep tracker that you wear on a wrist band. It comes with two sizes of wristbands which is great as I have a small wrist but I love the idea that Hubby could wear this if he needed to. It comes in a variety of colours too. I’ll be blogging about it in the coming weeks in more detail.

I have set a personal goal with my best friend to run 5k for charity. I went for a run yesterday for the first time ever. My new (from eBay) trainers arrived and I only went out to test them but managed a 1.7mile run which I was quite proud of. It actually felt like I was dying, not going to lie, but it did give me such great motivation. Running is such a good way to keep fit and I’m really feeling it today in my legs and even my tummy. I have now completed two runs that were each 1.7 miles.

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  1. diaryofamumof3

    Good luck with the linky, and the weight loss, I have just linked up my week 2 fitness report, I had a really rubbish week last week so this week I am on it.
    I hope the linky goes well, I have tried to start one but I think ill just give up with it, I’m not getting very far with it. x

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