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This past year Hubby and I have been making such a huge effort to go on little adventures where we find brand new things for the girls to do. We are sort of testing out all the local attractions to find our favourite destinations for days out or rainy day activities. I was recently made aware of a new trampoline park opening up not very far from our home and when we were invited along to try it out, I was super excited. Hubby and I have been to a trampoline park on a date night and had so much fun but this one was actually suitable for young children too.


Jump In Trampoline Arena has been open for a few weeks in Tonbridge, Kent. There are currently 3 parks open in the South of England, with another three planned in the next year or so. We headed down on a Monday to try out the new venue for ourselves. At this point it had been open to the public for about a fortnight. The venue is super easy to find and is very close to one of my favourite soft plays for the girls. It is located in a huge warehouse very close to Tonbridge Town Centre. There is adequate parking specifically for the customers of Jump In which is great.


Walking through the front door you could definitely tell how new Jump In is to Tonbridge. There is a smell of paint and building materials but I quite liked that because everything was super fresh looking and clean. We were greeted by smiling staff and the initial signing in area is huge with computers to fill in your safety waiver. However, these can be completed online from their website in the comfort of your own home before you arrive at the trampoline arena. We were given out special socks which you have to pay extra for, however these are to keep and will make your next visit slightly cheaper. These socks must be worn at all times and standard socks are not allowed. We were then taken round to the trampoline area and waited for our safety video talk before we were allowed to jump.


The safety talk was really bright and modern. It used the word “awesome” a lot and the girls found it quite funny although of course it was telling us important safety information for jumping in the arena. Once you have completed the safety video your wristband is marked and this means the staff at the entrance to the trampolines know you have been briefed beforehand. Each session at Jump In is for an hour long although you can pay to have extra time if you need to. The arena has really good openings times which of course vary dependent on the day, but mainly 10am until 9pm, weekends are slightly later at 10pm which is fantastic!


The girls were in absolute awe. P1 has been to a trampoline park before, but for the other two it was a first time. Jump In have designated toddler areas for children under 5 which they are meant to stay in. There isn’t a lower age limit to attend although your child must be able to walk/jump by themselves. I do think that the toddler area is a little basic and boring. They are also able to see through the net into the older area. We asked a member of staff if P2 and P3 could enter the older area as we were struggling to contain them to the smaller zone. We were allowed to do so as long as it wasn’t busy. This is purely due to safety as having two people jump on one trampoline can cause serious injuries and little children obviously struggle to understand that.


Jump In Trampoline Arena Tonbridge is still very new and some things are not yet completed in terms of the facilities on offer in the arena. The rope ladder and trapeze was not yet in use however the balance beam and the air bag below the trapeze was. P1 and P2 really enjoyed leaping off the top and into the air bag. The man who was supervising that area looked like he was having heart palpitations every time P2 did it as she is so young, yet absolutely fearless. They also have basketball, dodge ball, foam pits and many different sized trampolines and raised areas to explore. The girls absolutely loved it and were smiling and bouncing the entire time.


There is also a little cafe area which has plenty of snacks, food and drinks to offer. There is also a rather wonderful slushi bar that the girls absolutely loved. Adults can also relax down there if you have older children that do not need supervision. What I think I loved most about the new Jump In Trampoline Arena is the fact that we can enjoy this activity as a family. There’s no “take it in turns” like theme parks, or there’s no one parent sits whilst the other chases around soft play. It’s a joint effort and a joint bonding experience too. The staff are so on the ball when it comes to safety and it genuinely feels like a safe and fun place to be for everybody.

I don’t think the sessions are too badly priced too. Adults and Children 5 years and under are a flat rate of £10 (without the socks, £2 more with socks). Children are much cheaper if you arrive during the weekday before 4pm, £5 without socks and £7 with. Which I personally think is a great price and makes this a great destination for a play date or a get together with your mummy friends during the week. I’m actually going to arrange a little meet up with my friends and we will also definitely be returning as a family. I created a little video of when we were at Jump In Arena Tonbridge below which I hope you enjoy!

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Value For Money

Brilliant Fun

A thoroughly enjoyable family activity. Plenty to offer and a great place to meet with friends for some active fun.

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  1. It looks like great fun for all the family. Apart from the range of facilities and the obvious fun factor, I am particularly impressed with just how clean and well maintained the facilites at Jump In are and the focus on safety is impressive too. To be totally honest, I am just itching to give it a go myself!

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