Just Another Manic Monday

We had a road trip yesterday. It wasn’t that far away but I wasn’t about to be left in the house alone with P1 so close to my due date so we all went along for the ride.

For about two months now my OH has been stealing borrowing my car. Which hasn’t been very ideal as I’ve relied a stupid amount on my Grandad to get P1 to where she needs to be. We’ve managed so far and in all honesty I can’t safely fit behind the steering wheel anymore but thought it about time my OH got his own car with P2 arriving so soon. My OH is an I.T contractor – luckily he always has a contract and the current one keeps getting renewed which is great and I’m very proud.

I’ve had endless amounts of conversations about cars for, well, a very long time! Which one to buy?! Which colour?! Do I think this one is nice?! Being thrown all the technical terms as if I know what I’m talking about. At the end of the day; as long as it has four wheels and the engine works – I’m not that bothered.
Here’s the new car… A Ford Mondeo ST220 Estate. 3litre engine – blah blah. My OH is over the moon and I actually think this car is perfect for our little family. SO much space.

We travelled an hour there and an hour back with my Grandad to pick the car up. On the way there P1 slept. On the way back… Another story! P1 sometimes gets travel sick. It’s happened only a couple of times over the years but seems to have been heightened since getting her new car seat in my Grandad’s car. It’s lower and more flexible for her to move about so I think combined makes her travel sickness worse.

On Saturday, she went very pale and gagged but luckily no sick. Yesterday, the same thing – she went extremely pale, complained of feeling unwell and eventually with 20minutes left of the journey it all came up. Luckily we were prepared from the previous day and I managed to get all of it into the plastic bag.

I don’t do sick… Not unless I absolutely have to! I end up gagging myself and just don’t cope. However, I managed very well last night and I’m quite proud of myself.
Last night I gave in to Piriton. I’m the type of person who would prefer to suffer as long as possible before grabbing some tablets. Being pregnant – I haven’t changed. So I was reluctant to take any tablets for my itching. How stupid was I?!

The piriton didn’t seem to help at first; I managed to get about an hours sleep but then woke up with really intense itching. Luckily my OH hadn’t gone to bed yet so he helped me calamine my body. I then managed to sleep from 11:30 until 4:30!!!!! Amazing! I woke itchy and hot again but decided to just apply some baby lotion and take some more Piriton as it was due anyway. I soon fell asleep and then woke again for the alarms and to say goodbye to my OH.

Pretty decent night sleep. Still covered in a rash… But hey ho. The drowsiness side effect definitely did the trick.

8 days until due date!!

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