“Having just one child is like going on holiday”

The first weekend of every month we have just P3. The other two go off for a weekend with my Mum. These weekends are strange for so many reasons. One thing that always comes up is that there is always a moment when hubby says “so this is what life would be like with just one”.

Hubby was thrown in the deep end when he met me. I had a three year old and he rather quickly became her Dad. Before we knew it we were a family of five and life is pretty blooming hectic every single day. There’s three mouths to feed, three bodies to dress, three voices asking for separate things and it feels like a constant tornado spinning around.


We are pretty used to having just P3 for two mornings a week but the weekends where it’s just P3 feel different. It’s a break. I’m sure those of you who are parents of just one child are probably laughing at me because having any amount of children is hard, I know that because I have experience of being a single parent. But now going from the hustle and bustle of three children down to one feels totally different.

With just one child we are able to enjoy a breakfast in a restaurant. Go shopping in Bluewater. Lay in bed later than usual. Have focused one to one games and chats, not that she really communicates back. Walk leisurely around Tesco. Have a better night sleep than normal. Get some peace during nap time.

Of course, there’s downsides of it just being her because she demands more and needs more attention as she isn’t distracted by her big sisters. But I really look forward to having these weekends for so many reasons it’s hard to pin point any. But I think it’s being able to just do things at my own pace. P3 is laid back and quite easy going at the moment so whilst that lasts, I am going to enjoy every single second of it.

Having just one child is like going on holiday. What’s your opinions?

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