Kärcher SC2.500C Steam Cleaner Review

I was recently asked to review the Kärcher SC2.500C Steam Cleaner. My hubby was rather excited by this opportunity, however I felt a little wary. I’ve never understood how cleaning with steam could actually do the job properly and clean bacteria. After all steam is just water!

DSC_1483DSC_1482The SC2.500C Steam Cleaner arrived in all it’s glory and it was like watching a child in a sweet shop. My hubby immediately unwrapped the steam cleaner and eagerly put it to the test.DSC_1505 DSC_1507The SC2.500C features a childproof safety lock which is very important for a family household. It has three steam pressures which is controlled on the handle. The steam hose is 2metres long and very flexible.

It comes with everything you need to clean your home. A hand tool, round brush, two terry cloth covers for hand tool, a floor tool and 2 terry cloth covers for floor tool.DSC_1513I started to do some research on steam cleaning and how good they actually are at getting those germies away! Did you know that by steam cleaning you kill up to 99.99% of bacteria?! I didn’t. That’s the same amount as what most chemical cleaners claim to kill but they do a much better job! Steam gets inside teeny gaps that a simple sponge couldn’t. We gave P2s highchair it’s first ever steam clean:

Before…DSC_1517During…DSC_1518After…DSC_1519I was amazed. The expression on my hubby’s face was also a picture!! I then decided to give it a challenge. One of P2s toys that drives me absolutely up the wall every time I need to clean it. It has little crevices that you can never get clean! The amount of germs that were probably lurking scared me.DSC_1521DSC_1522We now have a toy that’s spick and span. It’s beautiful! I’m so impressed by the Kärcher SC2.500C Steam Cleaner. It heats the water quickly and you can easily control the pressure that the steam comes out for cleaning more delicate items. I still can’t believe that we get such an incredible result from just tap water!

The Kärcher SC2.500C Steam Cleaner costs £232.09 and I’ve even taken a short video of it in use…

I’ll still continue to use chemical cleaners for my quick every day cleaning needs but can definitely see us having a steam clean of the entire house probably once a week!!

(We were sent this product free of charge by Kärcher for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions, photos and videos are of my own)

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The Karcher Steam Cleaner is fast heating, easy to use and very light weight.

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