KBBF 2014 – The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

It’s National Breastfeeding Awareness Week (20-26th June 2014) and just like last year I’m joining in with the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt. Last year I wrote a post every day but considering I’m not currently breastfeeding and the fact it’s coinciding with Britmums Live, I’ve decided to do just two posts.

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When I look back to the very first time I experienced breastfeeding I remember the day P1 was born. With her prematurity I felt obliged to give her breast milk. The nurses told me that it would give her the best chance of survival. I was never told why or how but at 16 years old I wasn’t going to question anything and from that day I spent hours each day expressing my milk by the bucket load to take into my special care baby.

I didn’t get to breastfeed properly with P1, she couldn’t master the sucking reflex and my milk dried up just before she came out of hospital at 27 days old. With P2, I was much more clued up. I had a decision to make with regards to how she was going to be fed. Hubby was very set on breastfeeding but I wasn’t so sure at first so during my pregnancy I did plenty of breastfeeding research.

At first I wanted to do the first month of breastfeeding. That month turned into 6 very emotional and very rewarding months. I felt abandoned when P2 actually chose to stop feeding from me. Third time round I haven’t even given the way I’m going to feed the new baby a second thought. It’s without a doubt going to be breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is certainly in the press lately and I feel very lucky to have had an amazing experience with P2. All three of my girls will get the goodness of breast milk inside them. They’ve all experienced the health benefits of breast feeding and there’s plenty.

It’s the only natural food designed for your baby, I’m not here to condemn formula milk or formula fed babies, but there’s no escaping that formula milk is made to suit every baby whereas breast milk is made to suit your individual baby. No breast milk is the same.

It helps to protect your baby from infections and diseases. A drop of breastmilk contains around one million white blood cells. These cells gobble up germs. Breastmilk is also packed with immunoglobulin A which coats the lining of babies’ immature intestines, preventing germs from leaking through. When a baby is exposed to a new germ, a mother’s body makes antibodies to that germ. These antibodies pass through to the baby in her milk.

The bond and attachment I have with P2 is intense. Despite our breast feeding journey being over for the past 10 months I still see and experience the closeness we have. It’s definitely stronger than the bond I shared with P1 at this age, although it doesn’t mean I love them any different. There’s a sense of need that P2 has that’s different to the need P1 had. I’m her comforter in a completely different way than just being her mum.

Let’s not forget the benefits for me, oh and Daddy’s too. Breastfeeding burns plenty of calories each day helping to lose that baby weight we spend hours complaining about. It’ll also save lots of money which I’m sure will please Daddy as it’s completely free and available on tap. There’s no having to remember whether you’ve made enough bottles for the night, or getting into bed and realising you’ve forgotten to sterilise the bottles and having to wait up extra time. It’s available whenever and wherever your baby needs a feed.

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  1. Hannah Staveley

    Very good way to bond .x

  2. It was great for my daughter x

  3. It’s the normal way to feed babies.

  4. Susie Wilkinson

    It’s easier, I’m very forgetful, so I would have probably have forgotten bottles, etc, I couldn’t forget my boobs!!

  5. not a choice, always felt the need

  6. It was convenient and free … and great for baby.

  7. Helen Tobin-Perry

    To try to help with the best start i can for my baby and to help bond with them xx <3

  8. Our feeding journey started with expressing for tube feeds – I was so relieved once LO started feeding properly. I decided to persevere with breastfeeding as it seemed more convenient than trying to work out formula.

  9. It just felt right, wish i had been able to stick at it for longer, will seek better support next time!

  10. Lynsey Buchanan

    its best for baby and its free

  11. kellyjo walters

    my sister breast fed as she said it the most natural thing to do and its free

  12. I breastfed each of my babies. I just wanted to give them the best start and what comes naturally. 4 out of my 6 were born premature so had to initially express milk to feed them via tubes. I have nothing against mothers who choose to bottle feed though. When mine move on to bottles, they didn’t experience any problems.

  13. Danielle Vedmore

    Its whats best for baby. though I know its not always possible.

  14. Bond, comfort, readily available

  15. Charlotte Louise

    It’s free and its something only I can do for my child

  16. Always impressed by people who manage to express/ breastfeed special care babies.
    For me it did go quite easily (huge healthy baby) but I still found it hard work at times

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you! I was only 16yrs old myself. It was probably one of my proudest moments of myself. Parenting is tough.

  17. I just wanted the best for my babies … however hard it has been at times πŸ™‚

  18. Breastfeeding was never a choice for me, I never considered any other options. I am lucky that my mum breastfed me and I knew about it and so it just seemed like what everyone does. I have been shocked to find out how low the bf rates are.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      According to NHS, most women choose to BF. I don’t believe that… About three of My Facebook friends bf and I’m one of them (was/will be)

  19. I always intended to breastfeed because breastmilk is the most natural source of nutrition and comfort for a new babe. When my tiny dot was born she was only 4lb 4oz (at 38weeks due to preeclampsia). I felt like my body had failed to grow her. As she piled on the pounds with breastmilk, I was so proud of my body being able to grow her on the outside as well as all the other benefits she’s had from it. She still has 2-3 feeds a day at 15 months πŸ™‚

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      A huge high five to you!! Well done. My first daughter was born at 33+1 weighing 4.13. I know how hard it is to watch their tiny bodies.

  20. oh wow my story totally echoes yours with P1! im now pregnant with baby #2 (looks like going full term this time is likely to happen) and ive decided to BF because i want it to benefit the both of us and i want that closeness

  21. Sarah Strickland

    I started because it was the ‘right’ thing to do, but it was harder than I have ever imagined. I had fantastic support though, and ten months on I am loving it and very proud of myself.

  22. wow, expressing for 27 days while your first was in hospital is amazing and must have been very hard x

  23. Because I’m too lazy to get up in the night and make a bottle! πŸ˜‰

  24. Always nice to read other people’s stories

  25. I have noticed that my son has very rarely been ill, and when even when I’ve been struck down with something, the breast milk has protected him. I love all the benefits of breastfeeding and knowing that I provided the absolute best start in life for my baby.

  26. Entered πŸ™‚

  27. I bf because it was simple, free and best for my baby princess, I’m now pregnant again and i CANT wait to tandem feed πŸ™‚

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