KBBF2013 – Breast Milk Pumping

It’s very important for any breastfeeding mum to purchase a breast pump, a decent breast pump. I made this mistake this time round.

For my first daughter, I expressed loads, I had to for her to survive. I used one in the hospital that was amazing, the Medela Electric, and I bought the same one for home use. I had expressed milk bursting out of our home freezer, fridge and even the hospital were shocked at the amount I had.
null_zps03faca42 This time round, I was reluctant to breastfeed so my OH didn’t want to spend much money on something we’d probably never use. So we got a Tommee Tippee Manual pump just incase. Expressing has been hard this time round, I find it such a chore so rarely do it and it takes forever to get any real amount.

I’ve just had a Medela Swing arrive (review to be posted this weekend) and that’s been so much easier and I’m looking forward to the future.

It’s definitely all about timing when you express, I can express a full bottle from one boob in the mornings but barely get an ounce from both boobs in the evenings.
null_zps8d802d48Being able to express is fantastic. It means I can grab a few hours here and there to be baby free. I freeze my milk as I’m trying to get a good supply ready for weaning onto foods and our wedding day is fast approaching.

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  1. I had to pump every three hours, after each feed, for the first month of my daughter’s life. I would definitely recommend electric, preferably double if you can afford it, if you’re going to be pumping for any length of time.

  2. I think mums who pump exclusively are amazing. It must be so much hard work. I expressed for top ups for 6 months, and to try to increase my supply, and I got so fed up of it.

  3. I didn’t know that some mums pumped exclusively, I don’t think I could be bothered with all the faff of sterilising and pumping, straight from the cow here, lol

  4. Alexandra willetts

    Same here can easily pump a good 6/7 oz in the morning but not a drop of an evening, all mine is being donated but only have another 2 weeks left :/ x

  5. I would never express for convenience. Unless there’s a medical reason to do it I would always feed my daughter directly. Breastmilkfeeding is not the same thing as breastfeeding.

  6. Yes I did and I have so much respect for those mums! I find it so hard and have only been pumping for 4 weeks!

  7. pumping exclusively must be hard!! its lovely that mums to this if baby cannot latch or they don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding, as breast milk is the best baby can get!!

  8. Hanneke Legerstee

    My cousin pumped for 8 months (baby couldn’t latch) and had mastitis 3 times! She kept going as she wanted to give her baby the best 🙂

  9. I mainly feed at the moment but in the next few months i have some big commitments away from my children so i will be pumping a lot. I admire those who do it full time but i would miss the closeness from feeding.

  10. I have great admiration for a mum who exclusively pumps (no matter the reason)….. I found that expressing is hard work, and time consuming a good pump does help but only so much, and to be dedicated enough to express enough to support a baby completely is definitely an achievement. I expressed quite a bit when my daughter was born as we were put on a feeding plan by the hospital. When my son was born I was generally on my own as my OH worked away in the week, and expressing was just too much with a toddler and a new baby.

  11. Danielle fernandes

    Yes some mums pump milk exclusively!

    My favourite thing about breastfeeding is the special bond between me and my son when he feeds! 🙂

  12. I pumped exclusively for my little one for the first 14 weeks of his life. I was lucky enough to have him latch perfectly (I still don’t know why) and a year on, we are continuing our breastfeeding journey.
    I love the ease of breastfeeding, but sometimes wish my husband could settle the boy at night, or if I felt less self concious feeding in public – even though I do it anyway!

  13. You are amazing for pumping for your little one! Yay for doing that.

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