KBBF2013 – Breastfeeding Myths

I searched the internet for some, thinking there would only be a few but there are so many! I’ve managed to pick out a few of the ones I remember worrying about. This post, being the last one, took absolutely ages to put together.

Many women do not produce enough milk.
Wrong! The majority of mums produce more than enough milk. The reason why babies gain too slow, or lose really fast, isn’t because we haven’t produced enough milk, it’s because the baby can not get the milk, usually because of a poor latch. This is why it is so important that a mum is given lots of support during the first few days. Just because your boobs do not feel full, doesn’t mean they are empty… Trust me, it’s in there somewhere.


A baby should be on the breast 20 (10, 15, 7.6) minutes on each side.
Not true! However, a difference should be made between “being on the breast” and “breastfeeding”. If a baby is actually drinking for most of 15-20 minutes on the first side, he may not want to take the second side at all. P2 only feeds for 5 minutes on one side. Then at the next feed we swap over and she feeds again, for just 5 minutes. She gained weight right from the start and she’s always been a quick drinker.


A mother should wash her nipples each time before feeding the baby.
Wrong! I actually found this out whilst searching for this, and found it rather interesting. I never used to wipe my boobs, I’d just plop them back in my bra and carry on with my day. My OH used to tell me off because of it but I’d just ignore him, I never actually looked it up to see if what he was saying about my boobs was true. Apparently, formula feeding needs the cleanliness and sterilising because the milk itself does not protect the baby against infection, on the other hand, breast milk does protect against infection. Therefore washing nipples before/after each feed makes breastfeeding unnecessarily complicated and washes away protective oils from the nipple.


Pumping is a good way of knowing how much milk the mother has.
Not true! How much milk that can be expressed depends on many things, including my stress levels. A baby who nurses well will get a lot more milk than from an express pump. So when I only manage 1 to 2 ounces of expressed milk, it is nothing to worry about, it’s just simply all I can pump, not all that P2 can get herself.


Modern formulas are almost the same as breastmilk.
Wrong! Modern formulas are only superficially similar to breastmilk. Your breast milk is made as required to suit your baby. Whereas, formulas are made to suit every baby. Formulas succeed only at making babies grow well, usually, but there is more to breastfeeding than getting the baby to grow quickly.


If the mother has an infection she should stop breastfeeding.
Not true! I was severely ill with food poisoning during the first few weeks of breastfeeding P2, I was terrified it would ruin our breastfeeding bond as I didn’t have an emergency supply of expressed milk. I contacted my Health Visitor and was reassured that very, very few illnesses effect breastfeeding and a mother should carry on as normal. Well, in between rushing to the toilet to throw up!


The Scavenger Hunt has been really fun, yes it’s taken a lot of time to keep up with everyone’s blogs, but I hope that a lot of you will be returning to my blog and follow me on my parenting journey. I know that I have found some amazing blogs because of this and will hopefully making some new bloggy friends.

I’d like to apologise to all my Twitter followers who have put up with the hundreds of competition tweets… We’ll be back to normal now.

Good luck to everyone who has entered the hunt and all the competitions.

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  1. I got told that one about passing illness through my milk too. I put them right about the truth being the exact opposite.

  2. I am now a trained peer supporter. In the drop in session I volunteer at, I told a new mum that I had breastfed my daughter for 26 months. She was astounded that I had bothered given that “my milk had no value after six months”. Needless to say, that myth has gently but firmly been dispelled!

  3. Heh, it never even crossed my mind to wash my boobs after a feed! What an interesting myth 🙂

  4. Joan Sherriff Alexander

    As above – people kept saying ‘you might not have enough milk’. It drove me nuts!

  5. That ‘you might not produce enough milk’ (said by a paediatrician who failed to notice my daughter’s tongue tie, amongst other idiocies) is very rarely actually true…

  6. Hanneke Legerstee

    I have heard many older generation mums say that they could only feed till 3 or 4 months as they ran out of milk. I now know that these mums were told to feed on a schedule of every 4 hours, as soon as their babies got into a growth spurt or were just more hungry and cried before the 4 hour mark, they were told that didn’t didn’t have enough milk and to top up with formula. (my mum was one of them!)

  7. As a peer supporter so many mums come to us saying they have had mastitis/thrush/blockages and their DR has advised them not to feed from the affected breast…..argh! this can cause such a disruption to the breastfeeding relationship and stress both mum and baby out so much.

  8. My sister and my mum insisted that my milk would “dry up” after 3 months of feeding because thats what happened to them. I remember reaching 3 months wishing my milk would dry up cos that’s when my dd suddenly mastered sleeping through the night, over night, so I had huge achey leaky boobs and my relatives statement came back to me and I just laughed thinking fat chance and fed my daughter for 15 months. I just wish I could work out what went wrong for my mum and my sister.

    I was astounded when this time around my sister still insisted that my milk would dry up. I really thought I’d have put that myth to bed the first time round but no. I think she might have been jealous of my “success”.

  9. Nothing I can think of?

  10. That they have to feed on both sides, my lo still dont feed from both sides and shes 3 months old

  11. I’ve been told lots of myths, but the worst of them has been my mother in law taking every opportunity to suggest the quality of my milk is poor when LO cluster feeds or if I have been eating cookies the day before! Not only was this so unsupportive but also really hurtful – oh, and utterly untrue!

  12. Breastfed babies are small.

  13. Alexandra willetts

    If your babying takes one boob for 10 mins he isn’t feeding enough, 5 months on and 20lb following 91st centile proves that’s Wrong!!!!

  14. Someone told me it would be so painful all the time and I wouldn’t be able to manage to breastfeed. 4 months on still going strong. Have really enjoyed all your posts. Thank you 🙂

  15. Nothing to add to the ones in blog. My mum also thought I should be washing. Oh and another relative said that cluster feeding meant the milk wasn’t filling enough.

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