KBBF2013 – Positive Nursing In Public Experiences & Funny Breastfeeding Memories

I love the memories I have so far. Here’s a few of them:

Memory #1 – I’d dropped my beloved iPhone down the toilet at our local indoor play area, I was devastated so we made an appointment with our local Apple store and headed down there as soon as we could. P2 was about a week old, and we had been waiting for absolutely ages. She started crying and clearly needed a feed so I had to flop a boob out in the middle of Apple and feed her. My OH covered me in her pram blanket for a little bit of dignity (it was before I’d purchased a breastfeeding scarf). I felt eyes staring at me. The most funny thing about it was my OH ex works there and unluckily for us, was working that night and I was there, perched on the stool, boob out and looking rough from just having a baby. It’s a hilarious moment I’ll always remember.

Sorry for spraying you bubba
Sorry for spraying you bubba

Memory #2 -Another moment I found quite hilarious, looking back not at the time, was that we went to Pets At Home and for some very odd reason P2 would not settle. I didn’t have my changing bag with me and I knew she’d need a feed or my boob to comfort her. So I leant against some stacked bags of dog food and got my boob out in front of the store. Of course, to me embarrassment P2 didn’t want my boob at all, she didn’t want anything.

P1 likes to "help" by holding her sister's head
P1 likes to “help” by holding her sister’s head

Memory #3 – I was recently waiting in the hospital feeding P2 when I noticed an elderly couple watching me. The old lady then complimented me on breastfeeding which gave me a great sense of achievement.

Toilet seat feeding
Toilet seat feeding

Memory #4 – My left boob tends to be the more leaky one. When she feeds, even if its full already, it will continue to fill and P2 normally ends up choking when she feeds as the flow is so fast. When this happens in public I have to fling her forward and my boob sprays everywhere! Countless times I’ve left a trail of milk all over P2s face, several times I’ve hit my OH if he’s been sat too close and I’ve even managed to squirt P1s eye once or twice.

Memory #5 – I always end up jumping out my bath half way through to feed P2 on the toilet seat.

Generally, as the time goes on breastfeeding in public has become easier. I now feel confident in breastfeeding anywhere and anytime, but I’ve learnt when it’s appropriate. I wouldn’t feed openly in a restaurant for instance, but I’ll quite happily do it without my scarf in a children’s play area.



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  1. I was at a christening when my daughter was four months old. We sat towards the back of the church and halfway through the service she wanted to feed. As discreetly as I could, I got the boob out and latched her on. Moments later it was time for the baby to go to the font… which I hadn’t noticed was directly behind me. The entire congregation turned in the pews to face me!

  2. No funny stories here yet, I only managed 4 months with DS but I’m pregnant again and intend to last a lot longer this time

  3. My toddler loves to have a book to read while she’s nursing. I like it when the book is small because otherwise it pokes me in the eye!

  4. My funny breastfeeding is also like you i spray everywhere! i still remember the 1st time i see my boob do this! i was so shocked and surprised lol! Lovely read this blog made me giggle 🙂

  5. Hanneke Legerstee

    I fed my DD in the waiting area of a garage a few days ago whilst waiting for my car to be fixed, 3 mechanics were standing right in front of me behind the counter. i don’t think any of them noticed 🙂

  6. No real funny stories, though between my 2 DD’s I think I’ve fed just about everywhere by now. Strangest place is probably B&Q whilst picking new floor tiles!

  7. One of my first times feeding in public when my son was tiny and my milk supply hadn’t settled down i managed to undo my bra, whip my boob out and then to my horror realise i was spraying milk all over the table at Costa!

  8. It’s a shame you feel it’s inappropriate to feed openly in a restaurant. I don’t let cultural idiocy affect my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      It doesn’t effect us. I still feed her, just underneath a shawl. I have no issues with whipping my boob out, I just feel that a lot of people unfortunately don’t agree with breastfeeding so stupid reasons and therefore I don’t want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable by it.

  9. Thankfully no funny stories. Yet!

  10. I was at a coffee morning in the local church hall and sat to the side as i knew my son needed to nurse. All the old ladies who are regulars at the coffee morning had been eagerly waiting to meet the new arrival. They all decided to come and have a nose while he was feeding but arrived just as my toddler thought she’d help herself to the other side! they all got a bit of a shock!

  11. when my daughter was about 6 months old I was attending a close family members funeral. She had been really good through the service, sitting with Grandma and Grandad as I did my reading up front, but by the time we were graveside she was definitely hungry…. I knew if anyone was going to be able to hear what was happening I’d have to feed her…..I apologised to the vicar and he said “the needs of the living far outweigh those of the deceased, you carry on”.

    I did get some funny looks and whispered comments as I wandered across the corridor between buildings at the Trafford centre feeding my son recently…. but was ready to advise anyone who had an issue that the statues that are in the area were showing more boob than me!

  12. I’m currently breastfeeding DS (6 months), and have recently had to stop on a park bench in the middle of Centre Parcs in the drizzle to feed him. DH was wheeling DD up and down on her bike, but after a quick feed, fortunately DS settled and we were able to continue on our walk. I covered DS over with my coat, but more to keep him dry than hide him away!!

  13. My fil does that when I am feeding usually saying enjoy your dinner Charlie!! I feed anywhere I have bravado vest and normal top so very discreet even restaurants we are eating why should baby not also?

  14. I was feeding my first son, my father in law didn’t realise and came and kissed his head – then realised he was very close to my boob and backed up very quickly!

  15. No funny stories nursing in public here, but I don’t bother with any sort of cover just have a top to pull up and a vest to pull down.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I feel certain places like restaurants awkward to feed in. Not for me but for the benefit of others.

  16. I had to breastfeed my 14 week old on a bench in a city square. An old couple came and sat next to me but wasn’t so bad as littlun was on the other boob. Wear a feed me mummy vest so is all so discreet except as I sat baby up she did the loudest burp ever so obviously they both looked then and I couldn’t stop laughing.

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