KBBF2013 – The Importance Of Breastfeeding Support

When I think support, I think failure. Why would anyone need support if things were going right? Right… Wrong!

Support comes in so many shapes and forms. I’ve asked so many questions to family members, post so many questions onto forums/my blog, I’ve read so many magazines, books and websites. There’s advice and support everywhere!

The milk coma...
The milk coma…

When I struggled with sore and cracked nipples, I turned to my MiL. She has had the most recent experience of breastfeeding. I then started asking expressing questions to a family friend, who advised I should find a local breastfeeding support group.

Luckily the children’s centre where I get P2 weighed runs one along side the clinic on a Monday morning. I’ve only been three times but each time I’ve really enjoyed listening and sharing my experiences with the other mums there. I’m able to ask questions and get immediate answers.

My support network
My support network

I think to succeed in the breastfeeding journey it’s really important to have a great team of support around you. Offering tips, advice and of course support. Just to be told that you’re doing a great job, even by a stranger, is the greatest support I’ve received since having P2! That way, a lot more of us can and will succeed and not give up at the first hurdle.

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  1. I am lucky: my husband, parents and in-laws all support me. We have good trained support at our local childrens centres.

  2. My husband, he always made sure I had a constant supply of drinks and snacks to hand

  3. Morgane Bonnomet

    The local Breastfeeding Support Councillor in the Midwife birth center was mine as my ex-husband left me!

  4. A lactation consultant who diagnosed my daughter’s tongue tie. Haven’t needed support since that was fixed!

  5. My boyfriend x

  6. My breastfeeding support was the pink ladies, i dont think i would be still feeding without them 🙂

  7. I love the closeness of breastfeeding. That I am providing everything my baby needs. I also donate to my local milk bank to help babies in special care.

  8. I don’t know what I would have done without my local baby café. They were so supportive.

  9. Myself, I fought hard for 18 months to feed my little girl it was a tremendously painful day when I stopped under duress and being told what was best fro her…I knew no better just know we loved it…

  10. My top supporter has been by husband, along with my mum and my best friend.

  11. my biggest supporter is my OH who saw me through the early nights with baby no 1 when we struggled with latch issues, and ended up referred back to the hospital for a feeding plan which involved a very difficult schedule of expressing and topping up. he also understands how important breastfeeding is for both mine and our childrens health.
    But I also have a community of women friends who have breastfed/are breastfeeding and its their support that gets me through the ups and downs.

  12. My husband!

  13. My husband, could not manage without him.

  14. Hanneke Legerstee

    My friend Kate (who has a son 4 months older than my DD) and the local LLL.

  15. charlotte louise

    except for the midwife and health visitor I had no support so I trained to be a peer supporter in my town, my favourite part of breastfeeding is the closeness and the worse was the sore nipples

  16. I go to a local breastfeeding support group but also chat to other mums online. Difficult to ask relatives as they either didn’t breastfeed or didn’t for very long.

  17. Izzys daddy is my supporter. Does cooking, washing up etc so I can concentrate on feeding 🙂

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