Keeping Up With Family Washing With Persil Powergems

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in washing piles? There’s five humans in my household and that equals to quite a bit of washing. I felt no motivation to wash anything until we were over piling the washing basket. Even when I did do the washing, I lacked the energy to actually fold the clothes afterwards.

Six months ago, ish, we switched our electricity tariff to British Gas Home Energy Free Time. This allowed us to pick either a Saturday or a Sunday to have free electricity from 9am to 5pm. Instantly we had a day where we could max out our electricity consumption without worrying about our wallets. We picked a Sunday and so Sunday’s have become our cleaning day.

I now save up our clothes washing during the week and end up doing around four loads on a Sunday. I have found by having this one day a week to be motivated has really helped and now I sort of look forward to washing our clothes. I even get me time whilst doing it!

So on a Sunday morning I gather up every item of clothing that is conveniently on the floor next to our washing basket, random socks in the girls room and towels over our banister and I take the whole lot downstairs to be sorted in to colour groups. I then take them outside to our outbuilding which houses our washing machines, yes we have two. In the first load of washing I measure out some Persil Powergems and tip them on top of the clothes inside the drum, with the second load I pop the cap filled with Powergems inside the machine.

We’ve only recently switched to Persil Powergems and I’ve been really amazed at their effectiveness. We have been used to the very cheapest basic version of washing detergent and conditioner. It’s always done its job or so we thought it did anyway. But switching to Persil Powergems has proved to us that actually a branded option is definitely better.

The Persil Powergems are triple power with the ability to remove tough stains, care for and clean your clothes to an amazing freshness. I was a little sceptical to be honest. I honestly just believed that all detergents must do the same sort of job on clothes and then we used the Powergems. They are little tiny flakes inside a bottle. The cap is child safe which is good and the cap goes inside the machine.

The little Persil Powergems dissolve in the wash and honestly leave your clothes smelling so delicious. I have been really annoyed at all of the girls white garments recently because they have been looking a little off white in colour and you can see the slight colour of a past stain. After using the Persil Powergems I have noticed all of our clothes are coming out much brighter especially the white items. I have created a little video about how I managed our washing each week and in that video you can see the before and after of a white top of P3s. It’s amazing! (p.s don’t forget to subscribe over there).

There are three different sized bottles for the Persil Powergems and they range in price starting from around £8ish. I definitely think they are worth it although we possibly wouldn’t be using it for every wash and more for the badly stained items or washes.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. We’ve also been using the little gems and I have to say I’m impressed with the stain removal even with the non-bio one!

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