Kiddicare Sleep Dairy Project – Part 2

During February I was asked to write a sleep diary for Kiddicare. Along with other mums/dads they wanted to study various baby’s sleep patterns. I really enjoyed seeing just how much sleep I got and how much P2 did too! At the time, P2 was having her pretty awful stage of sleep and it’s still not much better from then. For the past three or four nights she’s been very unsettled between bedtime and midnight, but she’ll then sleep until 6:30/7am which has been much needed with my pregnancy progressing along.


Since then Kiddicare have developed some fantastic infographics that I just had to share with you. I have read them over and over again and find them so interesting!! Please take a read…v4.Kiddiecare--Pt1-PregnancySleepv3.Kiddicare--Pt2-SleepForNewMum v3.Kiddicare--Pt3-SleepForNewBabiesRead how I got on with my sleep diary here!




(The information in the infographics were provided to me by Kiddicare)

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