Kiddicare Sleep Diary Project – Part 1

We were asked to participate in Kiddicare’s Sleep project on mums and babies up to the age of 18months. We were asked to document the amount of sleep P2 and I had over 31 days.

We started our diary on 1st February so it’s now been 19 days. I’m surprised that I’ve remembered to write in each day actually but have really enjoyed doing it. I’ve been able to see in pink and white exactly how much little sleep I’m getting.20140219-045309 pm.jpgLook at all the pink on P2s diary!!! She definitely has some sort of pattern going on, 3am is a normal wake in the night and her naps are dependent on when she wakes in the morning.

We’ve also been reading a new book called “Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques” by Rebecca Welton. This book is actually fantastic! Inside, visually it’s not that appealing which is being very black and white with the layout being quite simple, but the content makes up for this!! I’ve learnt some great things from the book.20140219-050845 pm.jpgI, along with many, do not agree with the controlled crying method and in my opinion this book gave so many tips to help avoid crying altogether. Focusing on making bedtime and sleeping actually a fun thing to do. Kiddicare currently has a competition running to win a copy of the book, plus lots of advice on sleep too.

I’ve definitely struggled with P2s sleeping. At 1 years old she’s still waking twice, maybe three times for short little feeds each night and she’s also very unsettled from 7-12pm every night which makes me having an early night unbearable, which in turn reduces my sleep by about two or three hours each night.

Gradually, we are kicking bad habits. We don’t have the cot mobile on anymore, and in the evenings unless she’s really crying I won’t go and tend to her little moans and groans like I used to. Plus, nearly every night she has her feed in my arms and gets put down awake, eventually with the help of a dummy and her Panda she’ll send herself to sleep. This is such a progress for us!

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