Kids Bedroom Makeover Challenge With George ASDA

Having three girls makes room decorating pretty simple as they all tend to love the same thing at the same time at the moment. We currently have all three girls sharing a room which they are outgrowing rapidly. We think our eldest has autism and so in an ideal world I would love for her to have her own bedroom. I believe this would help her behaviour but also it would just be quite nice to make her feel more grown up. I was really excited when George at ASDA asked me to take part in a room makeover challenge. And we got to work straight away.


I was asked to create a mood board of bits from the George Home range that my girls would really love to have in their bedrooms. I decided that the best way to do this would be to actually let P1 loose on my laptop for a little while. We had a budget to stick to of £400 which is what the prize for the winning mood board will receive. It’s quite difficult to explain to a child that takes things literally that this is a hypothetical bedroom, but I think she had fun anyway and one day this pretend dream bedroom will be a reality for her when we move to a three bedroom home. So here’s P1s list:

george asda bedroom makeover challenge

1. George Home Hearts Bed | 2. My Little Pony Duvet Set| 3. My Little Pony Cushion | 4. My Little Pony Fibre Optic Light | 5. Heart Cushion | 6. Bedside Table | 7. Bed Canopy | 8. Chest Of Drawers | 9. Wall Stickers | 10. Desk Chair | 11. Desk | 12. Door Curtains

I knew there would be a theme but I wasn’t 100% sure which theme she was going to pick. At the moment they are into Minions, Paw Patrol and Frozen but it wasn’t a surprise to see the My Little Pony gang in P1s favourite ideas. The gorgeous heart bed that she picked is such a grown up bed and the little bed canopy is super cute! She asked for a bed canopy not very long ago so I was pleased to see the George actually have these. I also really love the fact she put in a desk because I know she loves art and drawing, plus I think now she is going into Year 3 she will need some space to work on her homework properly.

I think she picked such a lovely variety of items. I actually added in the chest of drawers and bedside drawers because a 7 year old doesn’t really think practically about where her clothes will be kept. I’m so glad I decided to take part in this challenge because it has made me even more excited for the time when my biggest girl will have a big girl bedroom all to herself. A space for her to own and create her own little rules.

Disclosure: This is my entry to the George ASDA Kids Bedroom Makeover Challenge.

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