Kid’s Wardrobe Malfunction Issues: How to Teach Your Kids the Art of Appropriate Dressing on a Daily Basis

Kids are notorious for loving to play ‘dress-up’ but, when it comes to wearing practical, weather-appropriate clothes, it can be a whole other story. Kids are often wriggly and squirmy if you try to dress them in something they don’t want to wear, so the best way to counteract this is to get your kids as involved in choosing their daily outfits as much as possible.

Allowing your kids to choose what they wear sounds simple, but getting them to understand the concept of practical dressing can be difficult. Yet, if they’re to have any involvement in what they wear, it’s an essential notion to grasp. And sometimes, kids may refuse to get dressed at all!

If you’re struggling to get your kids interested in getting dressed or are simply just keen to get them making more practical outfit choices for the day ahead, here’s some tips on how to teach your kids the art of appropriate dressing.

Check the weather together

In order to get your kids to understand the concept of dressing for the weather, a great way is to make checking the weather part of their morning routine.

By using something like this Android weather app, you’ll be giving your kids an instant visual representation of the weather they can expect to experience on that day. Talk it through with them, and then progress onto choosing an outfit.

If you don’t check the weather before dressing your child, they may not understand why you’re choosing a particular type of clothing for them. But, by including them in a quick weather check at the start of their morning routine, they’ll soon make the connection between weather and their outfit choices!


Repetition is one of the best ways for kids to learn new skills so, even during summer months, create a ‘dress-up’ game and pretend they’re going to be heading out into cold weather.

Ask them to choose an outfit based on the weather conditions you’ve given as part of the game and, the more often you do it, the more likely they are to make connections and choose weather-appropriate clothing every time!

Explain the purpose of particular clothes

Whilst, as adults, we know clothing such as hats and mittens are simply there to keep us warm, but how will young children know this unless it’s explained?

Tell them exactly what the purpose of the clothes they’re going to wear is, and be sure to emphasize the benefits they’ll receive if they do wear them. Stress why it’s important to dress weather-appropriately and, if possible, dress similarly yourself so you can practice what you preach.

Getting dressed is part of almost every child’s daily routine. But, as they get older and want to make their own clothing decisions, it’s important they understand the concept of ‘dressing for the weather’ to not only avoid getting ill but also avoid looking silly amongst their friends!

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