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This is the first of our house reveal posts and videos. I am so excited to share what our new home looks like now that we are settled and unpacked. I still can’t believe that we have been in this house for four weeks already. So much has happened.

This is our kitchen tour. The kitchen was empty of appliances, it felt dirty with yellow/cream walls and the tops of the units were sticky thick with dust. Ideally I would love to replace the entire kitchen units to make it more modern, I’ve been loving the Kitchen Warehouse selection. But for now we had to make do with what we have. 

We had to sand down the skirting boards in the kitchen which thankfully wasn’t many due to the kitchen units covering them up. The next task was to paint the skirting boards. I was after a really clean and white look for our house so the skirting boards were painted a Gloss White including the door frames, windowsill and our back door. Our ceiling was painted with white ceiling paint.

Our walls were painted using Crown Paint. It’s a special Matt kitchen paint which is anti-bacterial and can be wiped clean too. We chose to have the colour White Glove throughout the house. When we first painted the walls they looked very grey but when they dry the colour is pretty much white with a tiny hint of a grey tone. It instantly brightened up the room and made it feel cleaner.

One of the main things we still have to do is to get replacement kitchen doors. Ours is in a complete state, Hubby has had to add draft excluders to stop the cold getting inside and we’ve painted it completely but it still looks worn out. I’d love on of those PVC doors that are a little more modern.

In our rented property the fridge and oven were under the counter so we had to get some new ones. This really excited Hubby, he has always wanted the big american style ones and so we searched for days visiting Currys many times and looking online. We eventually settled for the Silver Logik American Style fridge freezer. It’s ginormous! Unfortunately it prevents the use of the bottom corner cupboard but there’s just enough space to pop food containers in there.

With a silver appliance theme going on we picked a Logik Induction free standing cooker. It was a bit more money than we wanted to pay for our cooker but as we are used to induction hobs we didn’t really want to go electric or gas. I actually love our cooker, it cooks to the exact time that the packaging says and heats up super quick too.

This one is a little strange. I was desperate for a new, more modern looking bin for our kitchen. We used to have two plastic bins from Pound Stretcher. I loved the look of the Joseph Joseph bins and so we, I more mean me, decided to go with the Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste bin. This bin is literally great! It looks just like a normal pedal bin but it actually has a special handle that you use to compact the waste and rubbish down. Meaning you don’t need to change the bin liner as often.

I love having a separate kitchen to the rest of our living spaces. Although when I’m in the kitchen I literally cannot hear anything outside that room which is becoming rather annoying. I want to get some nice plants for the windowsill and possibly put up a print on the wall near our boiler. I’d also love to pop up another cupboard unit to hide the boiler too and one day lay some new floor tiles.

Here’s a more thorough video tour of our new kitchen. Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date with the rest of the house reveal, and do pop back here soon for the next room tour.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I’m so happy for you Jodie. That kitchen looks at least twice the size of your last one – so glad you’ve got some more space!

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