KTM RC8 Stolen!

Today was meant to be a wonderful day. The sun is out, we had plans of going round my Grandparents with the paddling pool, taking my wedding bag along with us and spend some time sorting what we have done and what there’s still to do with my OH.

I was excited.

All of that has been completely and utterly destroyed. As usual, my OH got up this morning and checked on his beloved bike, to find that it wasn’t there anymore. His KTM RC8 had vanished. The terror, frustration and sadness on his face was horrible to watch.

Yup, some complete arsehole cut the chain and stole my OHs motorbike. That bike is his absolute life, his pride and joy. My OH has worked so hard for that bike, it’s such a beauty and cost him a lot of money.

He’s devastated as you can imagine, and I feel helpless, there’s nothing I can do or say to make this situation any better. It’s happened, it’s gone but how do we move on from that?! How does my OH move on from his worst nightmare coming true?

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