Lalaloopsy & BABY Born Review

It’s a very strange time of the year for the children of bloggers. It’s a time when companies start pushing their services and products to get into the minds of the public ready for Christmas. We spend the months leading up to Christmas telling the kids to make a list, I’ve started because I didn’t want to end up buying a load of rubbish they never wanted. But like I said, being a bloggers child means they are getting to review lots of different toys which leaves us with very little to get them ourselves.

Most recently we were able to cross off two items from their lists. On P2s list was the BABY born Interactive Wonderland Doll that she’d seen on a TV advert. It arrived on a particularly difficult morning where she screamed at nursery drop off and was really upset. She’d had a really good day though and I was really excited to see her face as she walked through the door to see this doll sitting on the chair.

baby born

The BABY born doll comes with a dummy, a dish and spoon, a sachet of food, a bottle with cap, a nappy and a potty. She is dressed in a really pretty dress that shimmers and she also has little wings, removable shoes and a tiara. I personally love that the doll also comes with a friendship bracelet for her and for P2. As expected P2s face lit up with surprise. I just love how she’s learnt to be a little mum with dolls. She was excited to feed the baby food and water. She was overwhelmed and intrigued with the way she actually did a wee on the potty! This BABY born costs around £44.99, a perfect gift for any aged child as both P1 and P3 also enjoy her when they’re allowed.


For P1, she really wanted a Lalaloopsy doll. We watched a DVD a while ago and since then she has been really obsessed with the characters. The Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Doll Crumbs Sugar Cookie arrived on the same day and P2 was desperate to play with her but we made sure that she waited until after school when her big sister could have her little treat. The joy in her eyes when she saw it was so heart melting. P1 can be quite ungrateful at times but she was really excited about this one and even said we must take it off her Christmas list now that she has it.


Crumbs Sugar Cookie was made from pieces of a baker’s apron. This one is the Limited Edition doll. Crumbs Sugar Cookie now has a new dress and sparkly hairstlye just for the Super Silly Party! I love the personality she has and is just super cute. The doll doesn’t actually do anything in terms of speaking or moving, but because she is part of a range that can be collected I feel that she makes a really lovely toy for a little girl. She isn’t too expensive either which definitely makes her a Christmas must have for this year at just £24.99!


Are you making a list for Christmas? Would you be tempted to put these on it?


Value for Money

Both absolutely love gifts for a little girl

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