LamaLoLi My Little Pony PJ Set & Top Review

When P1 was born I went over the top with buying clothes. Especially when I started work and was earning for myself. The nursery used to laugh and joke that they’d never seen P1 in the same outfit twice, which was slightly embarrassing in a way as she attended nursery three times a week!

P2 has been a totally different story. She’s lived in hand-me-downs but with a twist – they’re not P1s old clothes. I sold all of her clothes as she grew out of them because I didn’t think I’d be having any more children. We’ve sourced P2s clothes from Facebook groups, eBay, family and friends. We bought her a few things new like vests and sleepsuits as she grew, socks and bits here and there but when you open up her cot drawer it’s full of someone else’s cherished items that we now cherish and they will all be handed down to P3 when she arrives!

P1 doesn’t grow very quickly with her bones being the size of a 2 year old at her age of 4.5 years. This hasn’t all been a negative thing though, it’s meant saving a lot of money on clothing as she takes a long time to grow out of anything. Basically, she rarely gets new clothes so when we were offered the chance to review some clothing from LamaLoLi I immediately knew I’d be picking for P1 and not P2.

P1 has really grown to appreciate clothes as she’s got older. She knows what she likes and doesn’t like so I let her loose with the mouse and computer to pick what she really wanted. Not surprisingly My Little Pony was the favourite. The MLP Pink Pyjamas Set and with the weather warmer she also chose a MLP Mauve Short Sleeve T-Shirt to review.


As soon as they arrived she was eager to get dressed and wear her new top. She just loves My Little Pony at the moment. Both items are made from 100% cotton and feel very light and soft to touch. I always get worried about clothing that has something printed on it but I didn’t need to worry with LamaLoLi as they have washed really well!!


P1 went to her physiotherapy session wearing her new top and proudly showed it off to everyone. The pjs are still a little large for her so they had sleeves rolled up and bottoms also rolled up. I’d never heard of LamaLoLi but I’m glad I know of them now. They have a fantastic range of branded children’s clothing for both boys, girls and babies.

The prices are fantastic too; the PJ set cost just £12.95 and the T-shirt is £4.95. A great quality product that really captures a child’s love of their well known characters!!

(This product was sent free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are of my own)

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  1. Brill review and a massive thanks – never knew about this brand/site before.. Just ordered Oliver some wicked Star Wars tshirts in the sale

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