Last Minute Easter Craft Idea

I don’t know what it’s like where you are but the weather has been very unpredictable here. We have also been struggling with no car to get around. So I thought I’d share a very simple craft idea that you can do with your children when the weather is bad or you’re having a day at home.


What You Will Need:

1 Chicken Egg per person

A saucepan of water

Felt tips or other decorative items

How To:

  1. Place eggs in a saucepan. Cover eggs with cold water but not too deep, eggs must be covered. Heat water on hob. When water boils leave to simmer for about 10 minutes.
  2. Turn heat off and allow eggs and water to cool to room temperature before removing.
  3. Let egg cool until cold.
  4. Then decorate how you wish. We found felt tips worked perfectly. You may want to paint the eggs with white paint mixed with some PVA glue first so that the pens show up properly.


The girls haven’t done this before and I’m not lying when I say they set doing this for well over 30 minutes. It allowed me to grab a shower. They really loved it and if you are experiencing weather like we are then this will be a great rainy day Easter activity.

What have you done today?

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  1. We love decorating eggs but we didn’t manage it this year until Easter Sunday down at my mother in laws where she had stencils and paint for the kids. They loved it!

  2. My eldest wants to do this but we have been too busy! I will have to do it before going back to school!

  3. Hannah - Budding Smiles

    I like stuff like this and am looking forward to when Toby will do it without getting annoyed at not immediately eating the egg! Xx

  4. Simple craft but they love something new to do don’t they.

  5. I love the egg colouring idea! Brilliant, My little boy will love doing this with his sister next year!

  6. What a great idea! We will definitely do this next year! x

  7. love easy craft ideas, i shall pin this for next year!

  8. Aww we did some egg decorating on Easter Sunday. It was so much fun xx

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