“last night was a prime example of why I’m getting a sleep specialist in”

Well last night was a prime example of why I’m getting a sleep specialist in! Why we desperately need help.

I spoke to her on the phone yesterday and she wants me to keep a diary of our day and night until she sees us. Here’s how my night went:

8pm – 7oz milk. Put down awake but sleepy. Was asleep within minutes with dummy.
8:45 – crying. 1oz more of milk. Dummy and asleep.
9:06 – awake crying. 1oz of milk. Asleep with dummy.
10:30 – stirred due to dummy falling out. Replaced and back to sleep.
11;47 – stirred. Dummy.
12:37 – hysterical crying when didn’t go straight to her, given 1oz of milk and dummy.
2:25 – crying. But eyes closed. Bottle given
3:30 – crying. Dummy. Reposition her in cot. Gave large amount of bottle in hope for longer sleep. Checked happy, all ok.
6:30 – unsettled. Small amount of milk. Came into our bed and asleep again.

So I am a very tired mummy and hubby is going to work half asleep too!! Putting P1 to bed last night was also dreadful and took nearly two hours. I wish I didn’t have the school run because P2 is fast asleep in our bed.

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  1. Oh my goodness poor you! What a nightmare 🙁 I wonder what can be causing that?!? Hopefully the sleep specialist will get her sorted, until then… matchsticks for your eyes! xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I have plenty of those don’t you worry… And makeup to hide the huge shopping bags under my eyes on Friday!

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