Leap Day 2016 – Fresh Air At Coolings Nature Trail

Every four years we gain a day. A leap year. This year marks our youngest daughter turning 17 months. Social media was filled with posts about making the most out of the extra day but I personally was ready to spend my day being a slob. Then the guilt came over me and we decided to head to the Nature Trail for a walk with P2 and P3 after the nursery pick up.



We haven’t actually got much time left on our membership cards. For some reason I always forget that we have this special place right in our doorstep. A place for the girls to be completely free to explore, no dog poop or dangerous roads. There’s space, fresh air and cute farm animals.



We packed a sandwich for P2 as nursery finishes at lunch time. She sat with her little sister, everything was so peaceful and calm. P3 is gaining so much confidence in her walking that each time we visit Coolings she is less wobbly. 



I love the little photos I took today. I just really wish that P1 was with us too as I don’t have enough photos of her. It’s spring now and hopefully the weather will get warmer and outdoor adventures will happen more frequently.



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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    What a great day – these photos are adorable.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. It looks like a great day, the pictures are so cute of them!

  3. P3 looks so cute in her little coat and tongue sticking out! Lovely pictures x

  4. Love the photos and what a beautiful spot. Well done on getting outside

  5. Looks like such a wonderful day out. Beautiful photos x

  6. I love your pictures and your girls are all so beautiful, they look like you! πŸ™‚

  7. I spent the extra day being a slob, but I must admit that your day out looks like fun! Maybe I’ll do that in four years lol

  8. hijackedbytwins

    This looks like a great trip out and such a great place to explore. I love the picture of the two of them walking up the tree lined walk x

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love the one when they’re walking through the tress. I’m like you- my ideal is slowing out before the guilt sets in lol. x

  10. Mother Under Measure

    That looks like a lovely day out! We spent ur at home in our slobs and guilt didn’t take over with us unfortunately!! X

  11. What a lovely day out. Our leapday was a lazy day at home as Blake was poorly and we ended up having to go the Drs with him in the afternoon.

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