LeapFrog Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set Review

Can you relate to those moments in the kitchen when you’re trying desperately to cook a fresh meal from scratch or wash up the dishes with a small human attached to your leg or hip? Well I think LeapFrog have come up with the perfect solution with their LeapFrog Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set.


This set comes with the main tile reader and 20 tile pieces; 10 are bright pictures of food and 10 are numbers. The tile reader features LeapFrog’s very own loveable Scout pup and he needs your help to pack his picnic. The tile reader takes batteries, has two different sound volumes, a place to pop the tiles into and a button to press for the different interactions.

The tile reader is designed to fix on the outside of your fridge using strong magnets that are hidden inside the reader. Our fridge is actually an enclosed “in the cupboard” type fridge so this set doesn’t actually work in our kitchen, we have resorted to popping it on the upstairs radiator in the girls bedrooms. Of course this won’t be practical in the winter months for us at the moment.


When you place a different tile into the tile reader it will interact with you. Teaching you colours, matching, numbers, counting and even food as you help Scout to pack his picnic. The songs are very catchy and upbeat which I actually surprisingly enjoy.

The girls have had lots of fun with the LeapFrog Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set. Every time they go into their room they head straight to the radiator to play. It is suitable for ages 2-4 years, however P3 does struggle to get the tile pieces back out and needs some assistance at the moment. This cute play set costs just £14.99 which I think is a really good price!

Here’s a little video demonstration of the LeapFrog Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set:

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Value For Money

Really fun!

Super cute play set perfect for a radiator or fridge helping to keep boredom at bay whilst teaching numbers, colours and matching!

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