LeapFrog Leaping Letters! Review

I have recently been looking to switch up the types of toys that I have for the girls. I feel like they have a lot of bits and bobs but nothing really that entertaining now that they are older. I was thrilled to receive the LeapFrog Leaping Letters game to review as part of our LeapFrog Ambassador role.

Inside the box there is the Leaping Letters game board, 26 alphabet letters, word building card and word building list and a handy parents guide. When I first opened it up I spent a while trying to figure out where the batteries when and actually this doesn’t need batteries at all which is brilliant! It is run by a mechanical timer acting as a stop watch for the game.

leaping letters leapfrog

Unlike all of the previous LeapFrog toys I have ever reviewed or had at home, this game does not have any musical noises. I thought I would hate that and the kids would hate it too but actually it works really well. I filmed our first ever time playing the LeapFrog Leaping Letters game and you can really see how exciting P2 is when playing it.

The LeapFrog Leaping Letters game is suitable for ages 3-6 years although my 7 year old definitely understands this game much better than P2. The object of the game is that you have to put all the letters in their right places before the time runs out and the leaping letters board goes pop. Leaping the letters everywhere! You can adjust the difficulty level by just reducing the timer which makes it even more thrilling.


The Leaping Letters game also comes with a word building card and list which is perfect to help learn the basics of putting a word together. The words are just three letters long. We haven’t really explored this method of play yet as P2 doesn’t recognise the alphabet yet. However, she has been having so much fun matching the letters up and playing alongside her little sister, who is also pretty good at matching too! Here’s our little vlog of the LeapFrog Leaping Letters game:

I actually love this game and prefer it to all of our other musical toys. I feel like the girls are definitely getting lots of fun out of it as well as helping to improve their motor skills, matching and alphabet knowledge. The LeapFrog Leaping Letters costs just £14.99 on Amazon which is extremely good value. This would make a great present for a friend too!

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Value For Money

Excellent fun!

A perfect game for learning and multi player action. Brightly coloured and no batteries needed!

User Rating: 4.2 ( 1 votes)

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