LeapFrog LeapReader Junior Review

2016 in definitely bringing some lovely opportunities already and one of those is my new role as a LeapFrog Blogger Ambassador. So here I bring you our first product we’ve been reviewing, the LeapFrog LeapReader Junior and the Sofia The First book.


The LeapReader Junior is suitable for ages 1-3 years which at first I was a little wary of. I wasn’t sure that my nearly 17 month old would enjoy this so decided to let her have a go first before my 3 year old. The LeapReader Junior comes with Violet as the Reader itself, a manual booklet, the Let’s Read Together book and a USB cable for the computer.


Setting the reader up was super simple. You have to download the software from the LeapFrog website then literally plug it into your computer or laptop. I love that you can personally your reader so that is says your child’s name.


All you have to do to get the reader to work is move Violet across the page. What I really loved is that the whole page is interactive, not just the words, and I’ve created a little video that is below to show you exactly what I mean.


P3 absolutely loved the LeapReader Junior. I was so thrilled and her little face was really cute as she learnt how to make Violet read to her. Even without the reader the books are brilliant and engaging. The LeapReader Junior costs just £24.99 which I think is absolutely fantastic, you can also get the green version which is Scout the dog. Each book costs around £10.

Disclaimer: This product was sent free of charge to review as part of my role as a LeapFrog Ambassador 2016. However, all images and opinions remain my own

LeapReader Junior

Value For Money

Fun Reading Tool

This was perfect for my toddler to explore reading for the first time. It has helped my preschooler to recognise some words too.

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  1. Hello Beautiful Bear

    Wow that’s a fab price! We have Scout The Dog – Lily got it for her first Christmas from her grandparents – but I don’t think it’s quite suitable for her yet at she’s just turned 1. We still have a play about with him though and I’m sure she’ll love him properly sometime soon. Great review, loved the little video 🙂 X

  2. I love the look of this! Great review! Something I will make a note of for my sons 3rd birthday that’s for sure!

  3. Pamela | Life With Munchers

    You just reminded me, we got the pen version at christmas and I’ve still to set it up. I don’t even know where I put it! Eek!

  4. This looks like a really good product and even though Lamb is 3 next month I think he’d really like it x

  5. Great review and very informative! I think Sophie would love something like this. It’s a great price too! x

  6. This looks really good to encourage little ones to read. My O is 4.5 and has recently discovered a love for reading as he’s doing so well with it at school. Is the LeapReader available for older children too?

  7. This looks great. Rosalie has the read with me violet and we love her! Xx

  8. These look great. I have always wanted to buy one for my kids but then heard they were a waste of money. I will be going and buying one now.

  9. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    We’ve never really used LeapFrog before but this looks like she’s having great fun! You have taken some really beautiful photos here, love it! H 🙂

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