Leeds Castle Firework Spectacular

20131110-024601 pm.jpgMy mum had tickets to Leeds Castle Firework Spectacular. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go with P2 being so young and her ears so delicate and my hubby wasn’t able to come. But I decided to use it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with my girls alone, more importantly with P1!
20131110-023010 pm.jpgMum had bought both girls a pair of Peltor ear protectors, I wrapped us all up in warm clothes so we were ready to endure the cold.

From the car park to Leeds Castle was such a long walk. P1 managed to walk the whole way, I was so shocked and proud of her. She enjoyed a couple of rides and we shared a pizza.

I took far too many photos! Seriously about 100. All of fireworks. I was amazed at the quality of the display, how well it was all organised and the girls, both of them, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Here’s a few of my favourite photos that I took from our afternoon at Leeds Castle, all from my iPhone and unedited:
20131110-023845 pm.jpg

20131110-024031 pm.jpg

20131110-024041 pm.jpg

20131110-024059 pm.jpg

20131110-024121 pm.jpg

20131110-024140 pm.jpg

20131110-024151 pm.jpg

20131110-024205 pm.jpg

20131110-024220 pm.jpg

20131110-024235 pm.jpg

20131110-024257 pm.jpg

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