Leftover Meal Using Eggs – Shortcut Eggspert Challenge September

According to WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) the top food items that are not used in time are, and therefore thrown in the bin are: 1. Bread; 2. Milk; 3. Potatoes; 4. Bananas; 5. Carrots; 6. Pork/ham/bacon. With this in mind September’s Shortcut Eggspert Challenge with British Lion Eggs and BritMums was to create a meal using leftovers.

In this household it’s extremely rare that we have food left on our plates which either means we’re all pigs or we put the right sized portions on our plates. We are, unfortunately, a family that’s guilty of chucking away a few bananas, eggs, bread and other perishable items so with this in mind and the ingredients of choice very close to their use by dates I decided to create a very quick and very simple meal for us. Eggy Bread.

Ingredients & Tools Needed Portion size: 2 Slices (2 people)


3x Eggs

2x Slice Of Bread

1x Metal Shape Cutter

3x Tablespoons of Oil

Frying Pan

How To

    • Heat up the oil in a frying pan.
    • Whisk 2 eggs and pour onto a plate. Place bread on top for a few seconds before turning over to soak the egg into the bread.

egg bread

    • Fry each side of the bread for about 3minutes or until a golden brown.
    • Using a shape cutter, cut out the centre of the bread.

fry bread

    • Whisk the remaining egg and place the shape cutter inside the frying pan. Pour egg inside and cook until firm.
    • Place the shaped egg inside the hole you created with the cutter and place the cut out fried bread shape on top as a decoration.


  • Serve with ketchup, beans or potato.

It isn’t the most attractive of meals and with the oil used it probably isn’t the healthiest either but it’s very yummy. P2 especially loved it and ended up eating a whole slice to herself. It’s a very quick meal to be served and to be honest there’s so many ways to use up egg and bread.

(This is my post as part of the BritMums & British Lion Eggs Shortcut Eggspert September Challenge to create a dish perfect for using up leftovers. You can visit my March post here & June post here)

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  1. I’m guilty of throwing bananas away too :- / Love eggy bread, it’s a quick & easy way to use up ingredients x #weekendbloghop

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