The Lego Movie DVD Review

P1 was really excited when we told her that we’d soon be reviewing The Lego Movie courtesy of a website that tracks prices to help you find the best deal going.

The Lego Movie is a 3D animated film. The basic storyline is that an ordinary guy named Emmet is mistaken as being the Master Builder. With the help of an old mystic Vitruvius, a tough young lady named Lucy, and Batman, Emmet will fight to defeat the evil Lord Business who is set on destroying the universe by gluing it into a permanent status.


I have to admit that I didn’t really “get” this movie. I found it hard to follow, rather fast moving and a little too boyish for me personally. With some of the language used during the movie and a lot of awesomes, I felt it was more suited to the older child and perhaps even a boy would understand it a bit better as a lot of the jokes and parts of the storyline a younger child wouldn’t understand. It did have a pretty good storyline though with a few lovely little twists and the animation was superb which clearly captured P1s imagination.

P1 sat for the duration and thoroughly enjoyed it. At the start she did say to me “why is it only about building” as it followed Emmet’s life to give a bit of a background to him, and with Emmet being a construction worker and it being a Lego orientated film, it was bound to have lots of building in it. Once the movie got into full swing she seemed very entertained by the action and fast pace of the movie. P1 has since watched it after school every day since it arrived and hasn’t got bored of it yet. That must be a good sign.



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(We were sent this DVD for the purpose of this review from a website that tracks prices to help you discover fantastic discounts each day. However, all opinions are of my own)

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  1. My girls love this film…..They watch it at least once a week! lol x

  2. My husband and a couple of his friends kept talking about how great this movie looked before it was released in cinemas. I never really understood why – I think you’re right about it being a bit more of a boy movie. But I’m sure we’ll give it a chance eventually!

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