Letter To My Princess 2 – 4 Years

To my Princess 2,

I have no idea where the last four years have gone and it feels absolutely absurd to think about you starting Primary School in just a few months time.

You have this amazingly confident, strong willed personality which I’m struggling to get my head around if I’m honest. I think we clash a bit too much especially in the past few weeks.

You are doing so well at nursery. They cast you a leading role in the nativity at Christmas and you were given your own words to remember. I cried. I am so proud of the person you are with the comfidemce you have. I know you’ll do well this year.

Being four is going to see some big changes for you I think. We’ve vowed to truly get rid of the milk and bedtime habit thing. We’ve been slowly changing this already which is going quite well.

For a few years now you have asked to go horse riding. Now that you are four there are loads of activities that are on offer. I arranged for you to do a horse riding experience afternoon on your actual birthday, today, and I really hope you’ve had a brilliant day as I’m writing this ahead of time.

You’ve actually been asking us for a real chihuahua puppy for goodness knows how long now, and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to make that dream come true just yet. One day my darling. I promise.

You are so much like your dad. You won’t eat breakfast until you’ve been awake for about an hour. And you’re very picky with it. Fruit is your favourite and you quite like a pancake too which your big sister is pleased about as I’m forced into making them for you quite often.

I hope you’ve had a lovely fourth birthday. I am so excited to see you grow and become more independent this year. Shine my star!

Love Mummy x

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  1. Oh wow a horse riding experience, I bet she will love it. What a beautiful letter x

  2. Oh bless her, I hope she loves her Pony experience.

  3. What a lovely letter. My baby girl turned 9 today and I feel like life is moving far too fast!

  4. Aww so lovely! I can’t wait till Rosie starts asking for pets. I want a kitty xxx

  5. What a lovely letter to your daughter. Time goes so fast and it is great that we have our blogs to remember things. I hope she has a wonderful birthday.

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