Letter To My Princess 3 – 16 Months

To my Princess 3,

I bet you’re getting bored of reading all these letters when they start with “I can’t believe you’re X months old now”. Well I can’t. I sometimes wonder whether you and your sisters will just stumble upon these letters or if I’m going to print them all off and keep them in a folder for you.


Anyway, 16 months. It’s such a strange feeling to think that you will be 2 this year. Starting nursery next year. When you seem so little still. People that don’t know you, meet you and are always so shocked at how much you can do for your age. Climbing up ladders at Gymboree AND managing to get back down quite safely.


The past week your voice has appeared. You’ve always been babbling away but it’s increased in volume and quantity. You are really communicating. Especially the word no and you know exactly when to use it, usually regarding your sisters picking you up or trying to give you a cuddle. You say “mummy” and “daddy” properly, clearly and directed at the right people too. I’m not sure I remember exactly when your big sisters began to speak like this but I’m nearly certain it wasn’t this early. You even say “let it go” in the tune.


One of my favourite times of the week is when we have our Gymboree class. The songs and actions are the same for the musical focused part and my heart melts every time I see you copying, watching and remembering. You hold your hand out for a stamp at the end too. You have such confidence there.


Sausages are your favourite food. You have been helping yourself to the fridge (ahem!) and getting the cocktail sausages. I don’t mind too much because you do actually eat them but it’s rather frustrating having to follow you around and put the contents of the fridge back a million times a day.


I’ve noticed this past month that you get quite jealous of anyone gives me a cuddle. Mainly other children and if Daddy tries to cuddle me. You’ll shout no or you’ll push your way in. Your little face gets all flustered in the panic.


You’ve just gone into size 12-18 month clothes, although they are pretty big and need rolling up. I’m not sure how much you weigh and we need to arrange a visit with the health visitor to check up on your soft spot and size of your head at 18 months. They’ve been quite concerned.

I love you, as always, and will try my best to be the mummy you deserve. You have such a beautiful little personality forming.

Love Mummy X 

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  1. What a lovely post, such beautiful photos oh her. Something so love;y to look back on in years to come. xx

  2. What a lovely post 🙂 Something lovely for you and her to look back on in years to come

  3. She’s so beautiful and has the cutest smile. I wish Lamb would help himself to food in the fridge! x

  4. I think it’s lovely you do these. She’ll love them when she’s older. Cocktail sausages are a firm favourite with Eva too. X

  5. I LOVE to read these kinds of post. This is exactly what I blog for what I think it’s all about. Such a lovely letter. Hope her soft spot check up goes okay. I am loving hearing my daughter call out for ‘mama’ and actually know what she’s saying. It crushes my heart every time x

  6. aww she’s just gorgeous. My little one loves singing to frozen, but his pronunciation is awful lol x

  7. This is so lovely. Rosalie is 17 months old and her favourite word of the moment is ‘more’ it’s all she says!! Xx

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