Letter To My Princess 3 – 2 Years Old

To my Princess 3,

These past 2 years have been the most exhausting of my life! I remember getting through my birthday feeling thankful that I didn’t have to share my birthday and wedding anniversary with your birthday too. We’d all joked that it would have been funny and just our luck if I had gone into labour. But I didn’t. Little did I know that you would arrive the very next morning.

You are and always have been a complete drama. Right from the word go when you scared us half to death by being admitted to special care when you were just minutes old. In two years you’ve been admitted to hospital several times, had a tongue tie operation, cut your head open and your favourite past time is definitely to cry. At everything.

You are definitely a Mummy’s girl. In fact I think that’s the main reason I have spent the past 2 years in a state of exhaustion. You are always by my side and are happiest there. I wonder if it’s because I spent your early weeks with you in my arms, then strapped up inside a wrap and carried everywhere. We are close and I honestly love that seeing as your middle sister is very much a Daddy’s girl.


We have grown to realise your likes and dislikes. You are stubborn and fiercely strong minded with everything you do. You are also quite indecisive at times too. Your first word was “no” and I think that really explains your personality. You get quite uneasy in busy places or enclosed environments like shops or even some playgroups. You especially struggle to socialise with others your age and it’s takes you a long time to warm to people and family that you see regularly.

You are growing into such a little character though. So incredibly different to your big sisters. You are putting together your own three or four word sentences and they are absolutely hilarious at times. Your imagination grows each day too and that is also really interesting to watch flourish. I just love that you can communicate with everybody in the best way you can as this makes life generally easier for us and for you.

You have been sleeping through the night from 7pm until roughly 7am for the past six months. Of course there have been the odd few nights where you’ll wake for an hour or more before going back to sleep or have a disturbed night where you just want another bottle of water. But you sleep and that is amazing compared to P2. I definitely think you need to share some of your tips for that one.


We are now spending a lot of one to one time together, four mornings a week, and that definitely has strengthened our relationship and bond more. You also enjoy your sisters much more too I think by having that break from them. We go to different playgroups and have at least one adventure each day. On the days we get out more you will have a nap but the days where we are a little more lazy, you tend not to nap.

You love to watch Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and YouTube videos of Dinosaurs. But you most definitely love watching the videos that I make for us. You get so excited and squeal in delight. Screeching and squealing is also a favourite pass time for you which definitely doesn’t do my ears any favours. You are always demanding to a new extreme compared to your big sisters but on a whole you are so lovely.

I am proud to be your mum and I really can’t believe where the past 2 years have gone. Happy birthday my precious darling!!

Love Mummy x

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  1. Aww Happy Birthday little lady, such a lovely post.

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