Letter To My Princesses 2 – 5 Years

To my Princess 2,

It’s your fifth birthday today and I think I’m in slight denial about it. I had picked some nice posed photos of you smiling innocently, but actually these photos speak more about your personality.

This past year you have grown in personality. Big changes happened where you went from being a little nursery go-er to a big girl at school. I knew you’d be fine with the transition and you totally have been. There are some days where I think you’d just rather be at home. I can tell that you really miss the home life you were used to.

You have so much sass within your bones. You are the cheekiest person I know. You have confidence that will take you to great places but also will most likely get you into trouble. It makes us laugh so hard when we joke around with all the “poo poo” jokes and smelly bum bum things. I don’t think other people quite appreciate it as much as Mummy and Daddy do.

You have been riding for exactly a year. I feel so much pride every time I watch you hop on and have your lesson. It’s been incredible to see your strength grow. Horse riding is something you really love and you are very proud of yourself too. We struggled a few years ago to find something that was you, and this totally is.

Everybody knows you and you are more than happy to say hello to pretty much anyone at the school. This is totally different to your big sister but something I’m loving getting used to. You seem to love school most days, have recently started forest school sessions there too which is right up your street.

I hope you’ve had a brilliant birthday, you were really hard to buy for this year. You had to spend your birthday at school, but I always had to as well. You are going to ace this next year.

Lots of love,

Mummy xx

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  1. Hope you had a great birthday. This is so lovely, especially for them to look back on when they are older. xx

  2. aw lovely – hope you had a great birthday! Love to hear that she’s doing forest school, my son does too and it is brilliant for there development x

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