My Letter From Santa Claus Review

I can’t quite believe how fast Christmas is approaching this year. It’s just a month away and I feel completely unprepared this year despite the fact we have actually done our toy shopping. I do feel super festive though and am determined this year to push the festivity to the limits.

My Letter From Santa Claus got in touch recently and asked us to review some Father Christmas letter’s ahead of Christmas and share them with you. We were lucky enough to be sent two different versions. You will notice that they are only addressed to one of my daughter’s and this is because we will be sent their actual versions a little bit closer to Christmas.


I found ordering really simple. Firstly you just need to type in your details which will then take you to a page where you can pick the type of letter you wish your child to receive. There are 6 different types of letter’s that you can pick from on the website and all are pretty close in price so for me, it’s about choosing the best to suit the personality of your own Christmas journey. We were sent the Authentic Premium Santa Letter (red envelope)  and the Traditional Premium Santa Letter (brown envelope).

When you scroll down you are greeted with a few simple questions to answer will helps to fill in the letter so that it is personal to your child. You are then taken to approve the letter text and then it’s just a matter of paying for your order which can be done using PayPal.


Our letters arrived in a normal envelope. I will be posting our proper letters through our letter box really close to Christmas, or you could possibly wait until Christmas Day when your child checks the plate that you leave carrots on. I love the quality of both of the letters. Each one comes with the letter, a really cute colouring sheet and a certificate to say you have made it on to the Nice List. All of these are such a super cute touch.

The Traditional Premium Letter comes in a brown envelope with a really cute festive ribbon going around the outside and the Authentic Premium Letter has a red envelope with a rather brilliant seal on the opening. I love both of these personal touches.


On first glances when I opened the envelopes, I was certain that I would have preferred the Traditional Premium Letter with the red envelope and the ribbon. I loved the way it had been finished, the paper felt super posh but I was surprised to find that I actually love the Authentic Letter much more. The letter has a slightly textured and darker appearance and the letter itself is much more colourful.

Both letters are equally as fantastic in quality though and like I said earlier, they are the same prices so this is all about personality. I am so excited for Christmas this year and seeing the girls open these really fancy letters. A great new tradition for us.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

Value For Money

Festively brilliant

Super great quality Father Christmas letters that bring the festive season to life.

User Rating: 3.63 ( 2 votes)

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  1. Aww! They are just beautiful….All the little touches make them look so special. x

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