Letter To Elsa On Her 6th Birthday

Elsa’s birthday this year has been rather different. With the rule of 6 coming into place not long before, it made celebrating the occasion a little complicated but also wonderful.

She got to enjoy two little celebrations; one with my Mum ahead of her birthday, and then one with my mother-in-law on her birthday day.

The early birthday celebration was spent with a wonderfully chilled out Sunday. We had a roast dinner followed by a homemade brownie cake. We’d actually forgotten to get her a birthday cake for the pre-birthday fun, so we whipped one up together that we knew she’d love. Little fuss-pot. My mum gave her some thoughtful presents and it was lovely to see her so excited.

On her birthday, we had to wake her up. The rest of us were so eager to get her awake to open presents. I find it heartwarming to see as each year passes, her excitement and appreciation for presents grow.

Sadly her birthday was on a school day, so we whisked her off to spend the day with her friends. Hubby and I went to collect her birthday balloon – a dinosaur with the number 6.

In the afternoon, we invited my mother-in-law over. As we are a family of five, we can only meet one other person. My mother-in-law gave Elsa her presents, she loved the cute Scruff-a-Luv and raced off to wash it. Then Elsa spent the afternoon playing with her sisters and we had her favourite Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner.

I’d been so excited to show Elsa her cake. She’s not really a cake person and I begrudge the price of the supermarket birthday cakes, so this year we decided to create a doughnut tower. Perfectly portioned and one of Elsa’s favourite treats. Her little face as she saw it was so cute!

Weirdly and wonderfully, I’m pretty sure that my youngest little lady had one of the best birthdays as she turned six years old.

I used to write letters to my daughters on their birthdays, I took a quick look through my blog archives and realised that I haven’t done one of these for a while. What better chance to start them back up again, than with Elsa’s 6th birthday! So here goes:

To my darling Elsa,

I have to pinch myself each time you celebrate a birthday. Another whole year of knowing you and learning all about you. I feel it’s going far too quickly but it’s also so exciting to see you grow.

So far, as you turn 6 years old, you have all your baby teeth still sitting nicely. We’ve visited the dentist a few times and it’s definitely something you find hard. He’s told us that you grind your teeth which explains why your little teeth are shorter than they probably should be. I hope this will be something you grow out of.

During your 5th year, we saw a paediatrician. There are some things you find difficult to cope with. You’ve actually been diagnosed with Selective Mutism and this has helped us to understand you and your personality so much better. Mummy and Daddy can now support you in the way you truly need.

Starting school happened just before you turned 5 years old but you’ve grown into your role as a primary school student so well. You are always so happy to head into the playground and you wave us off sometimes without even looking back.

Although you’ve found parties overwhelming, during school hours you are making lovely little friends and it’s so beautiful to see you skipping off every morning to play with them.

Lockdown was rather difficult for you. Learning at home was always going to be different, so we kept things to the minimum. Your days became more about play-based learning. It was a hard time for everyone and I think we did a great job as creating memories in the sunshine.

Over this past year, we have been using ear defenders in restaurants or other busy places. You have been experiencing some sensory overload issues and having the ear defenders on hand, has really helped you to regain calmness.

You are still loving dinosaurs and we finally allowed you to watch Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films. You adored them! I did think you might find them scary but your love for all things dino took over the worry.

You are happiest going on adventures outside and also being cosy at home. Running around in your underwear is another thing you love to do.

Food is still an issue. However, I love that you are beginning to find the confidence to explore new foods but we still have a long way to go.

I am so proud of the little girl you are becoming. You are funny, a little sponge with knowledge and most of all you are kind. Go and smash this 6th year on Earth!

Love Mummy x

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