Letter To My Daughter Moving School

To Princess 1,

Please know that I am doing this for good intentions. I have your best interests at heart even if it may not feel that way to you right now.

Moving your school so late in this journey is terrifying for all of us. Daddy and Mummy have spent so many days and nights talking, restless sleep worrying whether we are doing the right thing for you. For your sisters too.

We want you to have the best. The very best. You’ll understand that one day I promise. You are extremely lucky to be able to have a place at your new school and it’s going to open some amazing opportunities of learning for you.

It’s scary. I know that. I can only imagine you feel the way I do when I walk into a new group, a place I’ve never been to before. But I’m proud of you and I know that you have the strength to be brave.

We are praying hard that P2 will be joining you as soon as possible. You’ll have a sneaky head start. P3 will join next year and it’ll all be ok.

Whilst we wait for your sisters to reunite with you, we knew you’d have people you know at the new school. That was important for me when we made our final decision. You won’t be alone, you will be the new girl but you won’t be unknown.

You are not an alien as you keep worrying about, you are my beautiful little girl with all of your uniqueness. It’s going to give you a real boost ready for secondary school.

Please know that I adore you. I’m here for you for the biggest of things and the smallest of things. I want you to shine bright and be strong in these coming weeks. You’ll rock this change and just remember it’s a positive thing.

I love you my sweet.

Love Mummy x

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