Letter To My Nan – 10 Months

Hi Nan,

I can’t believe that it’s been 10 months since I last saw your face and heard your voice. It feels like just yesterday that you were tucked up in bed complaining that you really needed to get up as it was gone 9am. I miss you so much.

I sorted your sewing box out the other week. It took me ages but P2 enjoyed playing with your tin of buttons. I’ve started to use your stash, I’m creating the girls a Santa sack each for Christmas. Believe it or not!

The weather has been lovely this past month. I bet you’d still be sitting in a scarf but I know you always felt happier when it was sunny and you could snooze in the garden. Last time we did it P2 was chilling on a towel near your feet, it was before she was even rolling.

P1 has nearly finished her first year of school and she’s doing so well. Grandad keeps buying her special workbooks which she really enjoys doing but it’s nothing like having her Great-Nanny to do sticker books with. Grandad had P1 over to stay the night the other week, his first time since you’ve been gone. They both survived!

You were right about P2… She’s a handful! She’s getting much quicker on her feet and when we are out we are always on the go chasing after her. It certainly makes trips a little chaotic but she’s too cheeky and cute to be annoyed for long. A right little shoe loving monkey!

I really miss being able to talk to you and pick up the phone. Even if you can’t hear me properly. I love you!

Love Jodie x

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