Letter To My Nan – 11 Months

Hi Nan,

P1 keeps talking about you the past week or so. I have to admit that she hasn’t really before and I was worrying she’d forget. But she found her set of books that you bought her that came with a charm bracelet. It wasn’t anything expensive but P1 keeps talking about how you are watching her so she has to keep it very safe. It was the last thing you bought her before you died so I think that’s why she treasures it, and I do too. Panda was abandoned when you first went up to heaven but the past few weeks has seen him return to be her cuddling chum and has also gone to school for their teddy bears picnic.

P2 has used the potty a couple of times. It’s shocking. She’s not even 18 months old yet. We aren’t rushing her though. You were pretty spot on with how you saw her personality playing out as she grew; she’s certainly cheeky, a complete menace, very active and absolutely loveable. She’s completely obsessed with her panda. I just wish you’d both had longer to form a bond.

We’ve been quite busy at home. We’ve had lots of various appointments with P1 and with the new baby. P1 has shoe insoles now that have really helped her walking and she’s eating much better too.

I miss you so much and am dreading the next month where it’ll mark one whole year.

Love you,

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  1. Such a touching post, especially with it coming up to a year. I’m sorry for your loss; I hope things become easier for you.
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop

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