Letter To My Nan – 2 Months

Hi Nan,

Life in Kent finally feels like home. I know you were really unhappy when we told you about the move but I also know that you can see we are happier over here.

P1 is doing so well at school! We are all so proud. She’s basically reading short stories on her own, you know the Biff and Chip stories, she’ll sound out each letter before reading the whole word. She’s made some friends now too, two girls that she talks about all the time. One came over for a play date the other week which was really scary for me.

P2 still isn’t crawling, but she has four top teeth and two bottom teeth. I’m convinced her canines are starting to make their appearance. She’s so sturdy sitting now, unlike when you saw her last, until she throws a paddy then she just ends up on the floor!! Today she’s actually been sofa cruising, sort of.

I really wish you could see the girls and how much they are progressing. Especially P1, we always knew she was an amazing little girl but she’s really shining now. I read her Goldilocks and the Three Bears today and it reminded me of the drawings you used to do. I wish we’d kept them! Maybe I’ll find a copy somewhere stashed at your house.

Grandad came round to the new house last week, he brought round your fridge magnets including your favourite ginger cat one. P1 knew it was and has promised to take good care of them so don’t worry although I know you probably are as I was always told off for touching them!

P1 made you so many cards. She says she’s giving them to Jesus to give to you, so watch out! Nan I miss you a ridiculous amount and I think P1 does too. Every time I look at your photo it reminds me of the very last time I saw you, it’s so life like which is comforting.

Love you,
Jodie x

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