Letter To My Nan – 3 Months

Hi Nan,

Things aren’t getting any easier. I try to talk about you every day with P1 but you know her, she just wants to talk about something else or play. I showed P2 the photo I have of you on the window seal, she stroked your face which left me emotional. I keep having the sudden realisation that she’ll never remember you!

Anyway, on to the better things. P1 has started a drama class, Grandad paid a little towards it, and she really enjoys it! Can you remember when she went ballet, she never joined in, well she does at Perform it’s great to see.

It’s nearly Christmas. Our first Christmas without you. Right about now you would normally be nagging at me for what I’d like for Christmas and getting frustrated when I ask you what you’d like. I miss that. Last year you treated me to new clothes which was very appreciated.

P1 will be 5 soon, how crazy is that?! That means five years ago you were having dialysis at hospital. Oh, Grandad has finally finished the new bathroom at your house. There’s a shower now and it looks really good!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year Nan! I love you.

Love Jodie x

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