Letter To My Nan – 5 Months

Hi Nan,

So much has gone on this past month. So many things I wish I could come round whilst you have dialysis and tell you about.

I’ve finally had a dream come true. Hubby and I have opened our own business! It’s a cloth nappy company and we’ve incorporated the girls names in the company name; Freeva. We have big plans for it but at the moment we’re selling cloth nappies and accessories. You’d be proud I hope. I knew you loved the fact I was using cloth nappies, well I’m still using them now!

P1 has had to change schools unfortunately. It’s crazy to think that five months ago she started school, I popped in to grab her birth certificate from Grandad and that was the last time I saw you, tucked up in bed still at 9:30am. Well, this new school is actually her third school. We were happy enough with her school until they completely missed the fact she was experiencing concussion a few weeks ago. Well, anyway, you know that I suppose. But she’s had a lovely day today and we’re very pleased.

I can’t believe P2 will be one this week. Can you?! Don’t worry Grandad has carried on the tradition and picked a beautiful panda bear for her. P1 takes hers with her everywhere since you’ve been gone, I think it’s helped because she knows you gave it to her. I wish you were here to celebrate P2 birthday.

P1 thinks you are looking after all the other children up in heaven. She’s probably right isn’t she?!

The blog is doing well. You were always interested in it. I’ve reviewed loads of things and am getting some invitations for events now too. You always loved reading things that I’d wrote.

I miss you. The pain of it hasn’t got any better. I just need a hug from you. I love you Nan.

Jodie x

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