Letter To My Nan – 7 Months

Hi Nan,

I have some pretty big news for you. We are having another baby! I can imagine you rolling your eyes and saying “I thought you might be”. You knew with P2. I’m a little upset about things though, the thought of you never meeting this baby and not having you come visit me in the hospital just hours after giving birth. Just like you did for P1 and P2.

I know that P2 will never remember the moments she spent with you first hand. All she has is second hand memories to love and pictures. She does recognise you as such though, we ask her where Great-Nanny is and she’ll point to the picture on our window sill. We’ll continue your panda tradition I promise.

P2 is so confident on her feet now and she’s proving you right with being a little menace. She’s always on the go and never stays still especially when we are out. P1 did something amazing this week, she walked all the way to school which is a very very long way for her. She’s also had some moulds taken of her feet for insoles.

Grandad came round with a huge hamper of food last week. It was such a surprise and it even included those little custard pots and a cake baking kit too. I’ve been thinking about memories, memories that I have of you from as far back as I possibly can remember.

It makes me upset as I picture things but I’m desperate to keep those memories alive so that when I’m 40 I can still remember you as if you were still here. I think that’s why I write to you, even though I know deep down this will never reach you! I mean for one you wouldn’t have a clue how to access it as Grandad never agreed to having the internet installed.

Talking of Internet and things, I applied for 60 minute makeover! Guess what, they were really interested in our “story” and wanted to surprise Grandad just like I think he deserved. But I was so worried about the whole thing that I confessed to him and luckily I did because he didn’t want to go ahead. He said he needed to have some tasks to keep him occupied. It would have been great to have your lounge and spare room decorated professionally wouldn’t it?!

Anyway, I think it’s best I stop talking now. I miss you and love you so much!!!

Love Jodie x

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